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  1. I'm looking for a gaming laptop for daily use. I would prefer if the design is pretty sleek looking eg. metalic finish or something like it. I'm partial to designs like the razer blade 15, the macbook pro or even the msi Gs65 stealth.. It would be used both for gaming and business so an all rgb machine isnt really a good fit here. I have to travel a lot so investing in a desktop isnt really an option and therefore I'm looking at a laptop. I would prefer a 15.7 inch screen to something bigger. Battery isn't high on my demand list, i'll probably use it plugged in most of the time. Gaming wise im looking for something able to play the more recent games + some mmo's. Program wise I think adobe after effects and CAD are the most demanding programs i would use on a regular basis, so I think going for 16gb of ram wouldnt be a bad choice. Country: Belgium Budget: 1200-2000 euro This is the store I normally use for gaming related stuff: https://www.alternate.be/html/index.html