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  1. Thanks. Never thought about the 1080 TI as an option. I´m not sure how much would cost an used one in my country tho. Gotta check.
  2. Well, I just spent 1300 USD for CPU, Mobo and RAM, so no more than USD400 if possible.
  3. Hi, I just bought a Ryzen 3900x and a x570 TUG Gaming Plus with 32Gb 3200Mhz C16. Now I haven´t decided a video card to pair with it. I do mainly 3D, video editing and graphic design with some casual gaiming so I think I don´t need a 2080. Right now I´m using a R9 390 and honestly I love it but it´s getting time to retire it from my main build. Would be the 5700XT enough? Any other recommendation? Thank you!
  4. Well, if that´s is the case, then I could get 2 Viper Steel 3600 Mhz 16Gb (2x8Gb) PVS416G360C7K that is $93 each at amazon, and would have those 32Gb under $200
  5. Well, that just happens whatever you buy overseas and shipped it to Uruguay. Over $200 you are screwed. I could get someone to bring it over to me at no cost... But since my actual PC is dying, can´t wait too long.
  6. Heard about using four banks the RAM works at its base frequency (2133 in this case). Maybe i´m wrong.
  7. Thanks. But then I should get 4 dimm at 3600 Mhz, but using four slots doesn´t lower the RAM at stock speed?
  8. Same here. Mainly since I work with my pc.
  9. Hi there. I´m upgrading my i5 4690 (which is dying btw) to Ryzen 3900x as soon as available, so I need a new mobo, RAM and of course, the CPU. So my question is this: I´m looking for 32Gb since I mainly work with my PC and just do so casual gaming. Which RAM would be best for this? The one I´ve been looking after is the Viper Steel series PVS432G320C6K at 3200Mhz CL16. Or should I get something better? It´s fair to mention that I can spend up to $200 for the RAM if possible, otherwise my country will tax the item over 50% of its original price. Under $200 there is no tax at all. And since I´m already here... Should I get for that CPU a x570 or a x470? I´m not much into overclocking, but who knows... Thanks. Luis.