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  1. ryon0002

    HELP! better value upgrades?

    Ryzen prices are pretty much as competitive as the US. but based on pure performance the benchmarks ice seen heavily side Intel for Solidworks. 3000 series does seem catchy but the hype will probably make prices shoot way up over here at least until August. And I don't think I'll wait till then. Actually if I get the same speeds it's RM75 for the RGB ram. Which is about 20USD. Is that worth it? Also, just curious... 8600k or 9600k? for nearly the same price?
  2. ryon0002

    HELP! better value upgrades?

    Using my local stores and websites yo get them. Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit. I do have a current rig. i5 6500 Gtx1060 3GB 16GB DDR3 Ram 2x 1TB HDD 1x 256GB Sata SSD I'm preferring 8th gen over 9th to allow me to delid if I choose to further in the future. Using it for gaming & Solidworks so i suppose Single core performance is best? I don't really need the extra M.2 storage. it's just going to be my main boot drive. Games etc would be stored on my SATA SSD. Was just wondering if it's a good idea to future proof and get 512GB. As for RAM.... well that's just for RGB.
  3. 2x8GB HyperX Fury ---> 2x8GB HyperX Predator RGB $115 more PSU 650W Bronze SemiModular ---> PSU 650W Gold Modular $75 more NVME M.2 256GB ---> NVME M.2 512GB $155 more I5 8600K ---> I7 8700K $500 more Im buying all the parts new but i want to know which "tier" to get to have the best value and make the best use of my budget? The CPU upgrade would only be done if I don't upgrade everything else. Could use some advice on which upgrades are worth it, and which aren't. P/S: currencies are following my country (MALAYSIA) and prices I've scouted.