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  1. I'm in no rush to get this build at the moment if it is better for me to wait for new parts to be released I will.
  2. Hey, I am looking to build a new pc but I haven't kept up with the new current pc parts that are available. I would like some advice and suggestions on a build I could get. all help is greatly appreciated. 1. Budget & Location I would like the build to be $2,000 AUD which is about $1,400 $USD. I am willing to spend a bit extra if I need to but I would rather not. 2. Aim I want the pc mainly for gaming and to be able to run the upcoming games smoothly like cyberpunk, doom, etc. I also will use to pc for general use and school work. 3. Monitors I currently have a BenQ gaming monitor (i forgot the model) but I am looking to buy 2 new monitors for a dual setup which are the same monitor. I don't want 2 different monitors. I plan on buying the monitors at a later date so they don't need to fit in with the budget I mentioned before. Any suggestions on some monitors I could get would be appreciated. I don't plan on going to a triple monitor setup as 2 will be fine for me. 4. Peripherals I currently have the Corsair k70 lux RGB keyboard, Razer death adder and the hyperx cloud 2 gaming headset. (quite the mix of brands I know.). I will need to purchase a copy of windows. 5. Why are you upgrading? I want to upgrade as my current pc is 6 years old and is struggling to run some of the newer games as it will either freeze or just crash/