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  1. So here is the update, First I unplugged fans, turned on PC and it started normally and stayed on normal. Next I started MSI Afterburner and set the power limit at -50%. Started the game and played for like 30 mins. Temperature was at 62C peak. Then I set the power limit at -25% and played the game for almost 90 mins, works fine and temperature went to 68C peak. Out of these results what do you think?
  2. So it might be PSU then?
  3. I got GPU from a local store pin packed new, and I have CaseCom VS93 case. And yes I haven't tried to lower the power limit I'll try it.
  4. First of all sorry if I'm posting it in wrong section because this is my first post on this forum. So here is the problem; I bought this already built PC in April 2019 with i7 4790K, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Asus Q87 Motherboard, Corsair H45 Cooler, No Extra Chassis Fans or LEDs etc. PC was running OK with normal workload, then I installed Asus RX 580 8G Dual OC in it. After installing GPU I played Sniper Elite 4 for testing the GPU I noticed that GPU temperature goes upto 82C and my PC restarts. After that I did some settings on MSI Afterburner for the fans and started the game again, temperature went to 77C and PC restarted. I thought it might be because there is no airflow, so I decided to install 2X 140mm fans. After installing the fans I turned my PC on and it stuck on log in screen, restarted the PC again it stuck. Now I think that this might be because of underpower power supply, because I have 500W PSU in it. Please anyone can help?