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    Windows 10
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  1. Then please tell him that he is plain wrong about that. His CPU is abysmal (2 cores 4 threads is just not adequate in any way nowadays and those 2 cores don't even boost high), his GPU is utter trash - that laptop is made for Office stuff and maybe some solitaire. Anything gaming related newer then around 2012 is a stuttering mess, even on lowest details - except stuff like TF 2 and Rocket League which honestly would run on a smart toaster.
  2. To be honest - that laptop looks like it can handle Microsoft Word and struggles with anything else that is more demanding. It has close to no benefits from upgrading since every part of it lacks performance by ANY means of today's games. If he jsut needs it for old games and internet/office, keep it as it is. If he wants to do anything else with it - go for a new laptop.
  3. Go for DDR4 3200 and 2 Sticks instead of 4 - the system is made for dual channel, not for quad! Ditch Asus as a motherboard option for now, its false advertisement with claiming to have 8 phase VRM (it does in fact has double component 4 phase which has little to no benefits over single component 4 phase) is pure marketing BS and should be treated as it is - a 4 phase VRM which on paper can handle the 9900k fine, but might be troublesome if put under a lot of stress as the time goes on. No one wants to have a bad surprise after 3-4 years.
  4. Its not worth it. I would suggest saving up and get a better CPU before thinking about a GPU upgrade.
  5. My new rig with old Monitors (left one is a TV/Monitor combo and around 9 years old ) - still waiting for AOC to release their new G2 product line in Europe. Until then - full hd 60Hz.
  6. Rtx 2060 super is NOT high end. Also it looks like you did not enable XMP on your Ram.
  7. First of all - never go to that place again - but i guess you figured that out by yourself now . You have no noticeable bottleneck, thats right - but your performance overall is in no way sufficent for any modern games, the GPU is quite weak and your CPU is even sligthly weaker. Having a bad PSU can make a lot of trouble, even damage your whole system. Get a decent one from the list in the forum and then see if your performance gets better (there are quite some good and affordable ones there). This is literally the FIRST STEP you can NOT skip - cheaping out on a PSU can be dangerous for all your other components and even become a fire hazard. After that, get a pair of 2x4 (or if you can afford it somehow) 2x8 GB Ram sticks with at least 3000 mhz speed non OC (XMP or AMP as its called on AMD side is the trick here) if you plan to stick to your low end CPU - single channel (so one stick) Ram is always a bad idea for anything more then an office PC. Upgrading your CPU makes only sense if you also go for a better GPU, since you say you have literally no budget i think that is out of the question for now. Get a proper PSU (highest priority for now) and 2x4 or 2x8 matching ram sticks, that might help you the most. Here is the PSU list:
  8. Yes, it is. Some cards can do more, some can't. Simple as that.
  9. Just look on ebay and similar sites for Windows 10 Keys. Usually around 10-15$ if not cheaper and totally fine for a private consumer.
  10. From my perspective - you ABSOLUTELY need to get a thicker skin. Its a very VERY good choice of words from Linus that literally cannot offend anyone, unless you WANT to be offended. Everyone has some sort of "ability", and thats whats this phrase speaks of with a little touch of fun and giggles. My fiancee has physical disabilities and therefore has a 90% disabled ID card (which comes in really handy sometimes btw ) and i myself have PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder, social phobia and an eating disorder (have been in a clinic once and will do so again in the next months) - so we both are literally different-abled *kek*. I have a hard time myself about not taking things said to me personally and get hurt, but its getting better if you work on it. Don't take things more serious then needed!
  11. Your PC lacks a lot of performance to run CoD MW even on recommended specs. You need a 1080 minimum for 144hz at 1080p, but you also need 16 Gb Ram and (more importantly) a WAY better CPU (i7 8700k if you wanna stick to Intel). 144Hz at 1080p smoothly is quite a task for a game system at a triple A game, a low end system will not cut it.
  12. It should work fine, but the CPU is definitely a weak point with 4 core no HT and only 3.3Ghz boost (which is lower then most current CPU's base clock) and therefore its not futureproof. What games are you playing?
  13. I have no idea since consoles are of no interest to me.
  14. It depends on the size of the harddrive itself, the speed/performance of it and the amount of data stored on it. You have a "small" harddrive", so even if its forced to read data from various spots on itself it shouldn't hit performance a lot even when its widely fragmented. But lets say you have a decent or even a big one (=<1TB) and have plenty of data on it - since its a mechanical device, the more data it has to collect and the more space it has to search/acces, the longer it will take due to physically limited speeds. Which means - the more fragmented it is and the more data it has to use for the task the more time it needs - and defragmentation becomes important.
  15. It has been said in ALL videos i have seen so far - do not use an oven for things like that that if you intend to use for food after it. Get a new one, it isn't worth the risk of getting a serious poisoning from metals and other harmful stuff. Search for used ovens, they are not that expensive.