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  1. MyGetthoRig

    Monitor Resolution Problem

    I have found the fix. I dunno why, I set my output at 1600x900 @ 70Hz. then it works. I have no idea why. This monitor is 60hz monitor
  2. MyGetthoRig

    Monitor Resolution Problem

    I have also tried that too...I'm so confuseddddd
  3. MyGetthoRig

    Monitor Resolution Problem

    When I tried it, the monitor does not display full screen. on the OSD menu, it shows im running at 1280x960, but when I set resolution higher than that, the menu shows the correct resolution. Only when I manually set it to its native res it goes wierd
  4. MyGetthoRig

    Monitor Resolution Problem

    Hi... I've recently bought a monitor ACER V203H 20inch display. The problem is in windows, in shows 1024x768 as my native resolution. But my monitor native resolution is 1600x900. I have used different VGA cable and the problem still persist. If anyone have any idea please help. Thank you.
  5. MyGetthoRig

    Pc Boot Loop new cpu

    I've tried the cpu with multiple motherboard...the problem still persists....it boots up then shutoff again...but when i use another cpu, then it boots up normally, I have checked the xeon cpu is compatible with my motherboard...I have also updated the bios with the xeon cpi microcodes...maybe the cpu is dead? Is it possible?
  6. MyGetthoRig

    Pc Boot Loop new cpu

    But I can't get the thing to boot...
  7. I recently install my modded xeon x5270 on my gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R... now the pc turn on the off again repeatedly...when i switch to my older E8400 core 2 duo, it tuns normally... I have: - Tried different motherboard - Tried different PSU - only 1 stick of DDR2 Ram Non of which give any results...please help me...
  8. MyGetthoRig

    Microcode injection

    oh the xeon cpu has been modded to fit the notch at my 775 motherboard....
  9. Hi....I have a Gigabyte motherboard GA-EP35-DS3R. Thing is, I have a Xeon X5270 on its way to be installed on this board. However, I have to add new microcode to the BIOS in order to get the full performance of the processor. Here where the problem came, I tried to use MMtool to insert new microcode to my bios file, EP35DS3R.F4, but it won't load the file. Someone on the internet said to just change the ".F4" to ".ROM" instead, when I did that, MMtool gave me error "Error loading ROM image (100003h)". Please help me... or if will it affects the performancec if I don't insert new microcode? EP35DS3R.F4
  10. MyGetthoRig

    PC Shutting down low temps overclock

    Thanks for the help...I tried with my old PSU and the system stabilize again....now i get it....so if i want to overclock, i need a better psu right, bcuz all the shutting down tht occured was due to insufficient power ie. Voltage i think...
  11. MyGetthoRig

    PC Shutting down low temps overclock

    alrite I will check it...thanks for the answer
  12. MyGetthoRig

    PC Shutting down low temps overclock

    ahh i see....well dang it I cant go gettho on my PSU then.....any others possible cause?
  13. MyGetthoRig

    PC Shutting down low temps overclock

    how to detect a failed PSU? because I just recently bought it... because last time i upgraded my old PSU, tht PSU blows very very hot air since i upgraded my GPU to GTX650....but when I use the new one, its cooler then before, much cooler air blown out
  14. Hi...I have a problem here...I have a rig that resets it self whenever I try to overclock...sometime the overclock works and sometimes it shuts down after post....my PSU is not blowing out hot air that much..usually if I overclock to 3.2Ghz...the pc just shuts down after post or somewhere in booting sequence, and restarts but shutdowns again after 2sec...then looping again and again....could anyone help me and maybe explain why am i getting such behavior, or mybe there's something I'm not aware of... OH MY GOD.....LUCKY THIS POST IS STILL HERE!!! MY PC JUST SHUTDOWN WHILE TYPING THIS POST....NOT OVERCLOCKED AT ALL Ideal CPU: 38C Ideal GPU: 36C Motherboard: GA-EP35-DS3R CPU: Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz GPU: GTX650 PSU: AVF 650W (off-brand) RAM: 8GB DDR2 667Mhz