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  1. Honestly, the quad core, gtx 650 ti, those xeons are what I've been looking for. I would buy them, but I don't know how much Customs would charge. I would probably go to a local computer store and see how much you can get for them, or possibly build a small server for game hosting with your friends.
  2. Yea, it's common in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver for ISPs to offer fibre connections. About an hour away, I can get a 10 gigabit fibre connection.
  3. That is a very long response time. Most gaming monitors have a 1-2 ms response time. If that is the response time, I would find a completely different monitor to purchase.
  4. False, Cat5e is rated for a gigabit, Cat5 is rated for 100 megabits.
  5. 5e supports Gigabit 6 supports 10 Gigabit at 55 meters, Gigabit beyond 55 meters 6a supports 10 Gigabit Those are the ones I would recommend. 5 is somewhat too slow for your distance and speed requirement. 7 and 8 are too expensive for residential use. If you worry about interference, a lot of 6a cables are shielded better than 6 and 5e. I recommend 5e or 6, as 6a is a bit overkill.
  6. Yea, it's probably the HDD. Take it out and boot your PC without it. Good Luck!
  7. The beeping is your POST startup, which is normal. How many beeps is it, and what motherboard do you have? The clicking is not though, and I would stop using the hard drive until you get a new one.
  8. How long and consistent is the beeping and clicking?
  9. Contact the manufacturer to get it replaced if it's under warranty. If it isn't, then I'd get a new hard drive and copy your data over. This is an HDD and not an SSD, correct?
  10. Sounds like a bad hard drive head or arm. Can't do anything but RMA it.
  11. Then check your GPU drivers.
  12. Your PC would not accept the dual GPU setup as it is not the same GPU. If you are lagging in fortnite, I would check your internet.
  13. Sounds like a bad pair of drivers. I would downgrade your drivers for now, and if they continue to not work, I would contact EVGA.
  14. As someone who routinely hosts Minecraft servers and Undead servers, getting a 16GB RAM system with atleast a quad core (in the case of minecraft, clock speed is cared about more), and an SSD will be the most beneficial. Also make sure your pc has a static IP and you port forward your server so your friends can play. Also, make sure you have a decent upload speed of atleast 10 megabits per second. I recommend connecting the server to your router through ethernet or WiFi 5GHz. If you have a budget of ~$400 USD, Server Monkey has good machines that you can configure to your liking. Their prices seem fairly decent for the content they will give you. The Dell PowerEdge R510 is their cheapest Dell Server, and it may be what I purchase someday.