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  1. Fair enough, I appreciate the info. Are there any good methods to bend cables outside physically bending? (e.g. taking a heat gun to it, etc)
  2. Thanks for the detailed pictures! I'll be ordering custom cables from https://www.ensourced.net/. I have no experience with them -- do you know if their cables are particularly stiff?
  3. Thanks! Did you end up needing them, or did you add them regardless?
  4. I'm planning a new build with the Lian-Li 011 Dynamic case and would like to horizontally mount the GPU. According to Lian-Li's page, a max width of 159mm will do (See furthest right image). What I can't factor in very well is how much room the GPU power connectors will effect these dimensions. I am tentatively going with a 2080 RTX Asus Strix and the EKWB water block which is 148.45mm. That leaves me with 10.55mm of space between the water block and the side panel; do you think this is wide enough for the required 8-pin connectors? I made a thread here for a similar topic but figured this was a better place.
  5. I missed that, good call. Well the Bitspower GPU block is 154mm wide and the MSI Gaming Trio is 140mm wide. I've never used a GPU water block before, but is it safe to assume we just use the water block size to determine overall dimensions? That said, I think with 159mm clearance and a 154mm water block, the 5mm difference won't be enough to fit the 8pin connectors to the GPU. I might look at the less thicc 2080's (Asus/EVGA)
  6. I'm thinking about mounting the MSI 2080 Gaming Trio X into the Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic case with the Bitspower water block. The waterblock is 154mm wide and according to this image, the Lian Li total width is 272mm. I'm not sure how to factor motherboard height + offsets. Anyone with experience on this?