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  1. Cheifwhat

    Trouble shooting two Dell Precision T3600 servers

    Ok. I've got a picture out of both of them by putting the graphics card in a different slot. One works fine. It is in bios version a15. The other refuses to recognise a boot drive with windows 10 and crashes if I try to install it on a hard drive. It is on bios a09. I wonder if that is an issue? Do I need to install Windows 7? Also. I have tried to update the bios but it won't see if off the USB drive, there's no option for it in the bios itself that I can see and I can't do it from windows itself as it doesn't let me install it. So I'm definately getting closer. Help and advice still welcome thanks
  2. Cheifwhat

    Trouble shooting two Dell Precision T3600 servers

    Thanks all. I'll look into the suggestions and report back
  3. Cheifwhat

    Trouble shooting two Dell Precision T3600 servers

    good call, but the fans all spin, including the cpu fan so there is power coming in. But I'll try it thanks.
  4. Hi all My first post this, so please bear with me. I recently got hold of two of the above servers, the Dell Precision T3600, I already have one that works perfectly and I used parts from that to test there new two. I put in these components that I know work; a 1050ti {low power, from pcie only) Ram (4x2gb) 425watt psu. 1tb hdd They both turn on, there are fans whirring and the LED's at the front flash, and, if you just look at the box, all looks good. trouble is there is nothing at all displayed, no bios, much less windows. Noting at all. screen remains dark as if there were nothing happening. To set it up, I unplugged the cables from the working system and plugged the new pair in then plugged the working one back in again and it all booted up fine. So the cables and monitor etc are all fine too. Please help. Is it the mobo? Dead cmos battery? What else can I do? Many thanks Richard