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  1. In the same boat, has been searching for 27' 144hz QHD displays because my Aero 15 laptop's screen feels too confined Acer XV272UP,Acer Nitro VG271UP,Acer VG270UP(at release, AUO panel but later switched to K7B),AORUS AD27QD all uses Innolux K7B. I'd avoid because of the high response time(And for some reason I always associate the 'innolux' to somthing subpar compared to AUO's equiv. offering, particularly in laptop displays as well). ViewSonic XG270QG uses the same panel as LG 27GL850(reportedly), but with dedicated hardware G-Sync, in where I am living this monitor is over 66% more expensive than the LG's 27GL850 and that's not worth it in my honest opinion. ASUS's offering seems good at first glance for me but just can't pull the trigger. Both XG279Q(AUO 6.6 fast-IPS, this fastIPS is argubly better than the LG's nanoIPS) and popular VG27AQ(this one uses older AUO's panel) all has minimum brightness over 80cd/m^2 and 110cd/m^2 respectively accourding to tftcentral. And that's too bright to me and pretty much unusable. I am a very sensitive user who prefer lower brightness and PWM-free. and always kept night mode in Win10 on. My laptop screen(LGDO5C0) only has contrast 800:1(min brightness 9cd/m^2, the only monitor that I can find with lowest brightness is the PG27UQ, get as low as 25cd/m^2 and it costs $1200 in my region, cannot afford it.) and it seems like I don't have any problem with it. For now, I will probably get the 27GL850 and if it gives me headache and eyestrain, I'll return. If anyone has better suggestion, prefereably a panel from AUO, please let me know, thanks!
  2. Hello, all I have recently bought an Aero 15 x9 after returning a faulty ASUS Zephyrus S GX701GX , here I would like to share the experience and thoughts as well. Screen I have to say, the biggest reason that I bought one of these instead of getting the newer model with redesign is the screen, it is made by LG (LGD05C0). It doesn't use PWM to regulate the brightness and for me that is a big deal, since I will get headache, eyestrain and even nausea if I stared at a screen that use PWM to regulate brightness and I am happy to report that I can stare at the screen for extended period of time without any discomfort. It is also calibrated out of box and you can toggle on and off x-rite Pantone calibration at the Gigabyte Control Center. I also would like to mention that I really like the Gigabyte's approach, instead of telling you PCIe x4 NVMe SSD(and potentially ended up with an Intel 660p), they tell you the exact stuff that they are using like Intel 760p SSD. Side note: as I have mentioned I bought an ASUS GX701GX and the unit I received comes with an Intel 660p, while every review online that I am aware of mentioned that their review device comes with Samsung PM981. While I understand there could be reasons behind this such as parts shortage, etc, it is still a big bummer for me that ASUS put a crappy QLC SSD on their flagship device that cost $3000. If this happens to you, I highly doubt it won't leave a sour taste in your mouth Build quality The build quality exceeds my expectation, sure it is certainly not XPS15 level but not far off either.The bezels are properly adhered to the screen and the body uses aluminium paneling. Only the outer trim is made up of plastic that gives a "less premium" feel, even then the plastic parts feel well-made. The aesthetics feels a little dull to me but after a few days it kinda grow on me, at least it has tons of ports including a Gigabit Ethernet. Input devices The touchpad is fairly large and uses Window Precision drivers unlike previous generations(ELAN on v8/v7) out of the box and it works very well, the only complain I have is that the left click feel mushier than the right click. The keyboard is another story tho, the keys are a little stiff and require a little bit more force that I am used to to press down and on my unit, the ESC key will not register if it is pressed lightly, you have to press all the way down firmly to actuate this key. So far I haven't experienced any chattering or double stroke problem that are reported on previous generations. They are individually lit and you have extensive control on the control center, and yes, the secondary function row lit up as well. Although I personally wish Gigabyte has the number pad removed since it feel really crammed. Performance My unit comes with i7-8750H and I am able to undervolt -205mV. After choosing CPU performance Level 4 at Control Center, It runs at 6x3.89Ghz at 73w for 28 seconds and then dropped to 6x3.62Ghz at 62w. I am still worried about the thermals since the CPU will hit close to 80 degree in a room with ambient temperature of 12 degree C. Given the location of the vents which is located behind the screen hinge and only two heatpipes, I don't have high hopes either. Dial back the performance settings during summer, I guess. The fans are audible when idling, partially due to the high-pitch sound, even after silent profile is selected at the Control Center, annoying to say at the least. After selecting GPU performance Level 1, RTX2070MQ is running around 1.3-1.4Ghz during games and benchmarks, drawing 90w, Timespy Graphic score is around 6900, Fire Strike Graphics score is around 18200 which is really good compared to my old laptop, and it is reasonably quiet. The only thing that I observed that the " Microsoft Azure AI" does is adjust Turbo Boost Power Max automatically for you, and if you install the AI software after a clean installation of Windows, you will actually see this program install Intel XTU for you as well. The WIFI card is a Killer 1550i. I personally don't understand why a lot people dislike Killer card, I have no BT or WIFI connectivity issues with Aero 15. I would also like to mention the resume time when waking up the laptop by opening up the lid is a little slow, you need to wait several seconds to see the screen turning on after you open the lid. Battery life The battery life has been awesome for me, it can comfortably last for more than 7 hours doing regular stuff. Speakers Contrary to many reviews, the speaker are fine in my opinion, better than XPS15, at least the speaker does not rattle and make popping/cracking sound and has a reasonable amount of volume. Webcam I don't care about the placement of the webcam, and I wish Gigabyte get rid of it outright just like ASUS did on Zephyrus S GX701/GX502. Warranty My unit comes with 2-year global warranty and it is ahead of competition in where I am living. For example, ASUS only offer 12 months warranty nation-wide with any notebook purchase, Dell also only offer 1 year nation-wide warranty unless you purchase the premium support package. An additional thermal pad for SSD is included in the box in case you would like to add one additional SSD and I like little touches like these. Overall thoughts It has seen a price cut since there are newer models with a redesigned chassis, however the newer model is pretty pricey and they either comes with a 4K 60Hz OLED panel or 240Hz IGZO LCD by Sharp, both of which use PWM.I personally paid euiv. USD$~1650 for my unit and overall I am pretty happy with it. Sure it has a lot of thermal limitations, but so does other compact 15-inch laptop. It is a great alternative to the Dell XPS15 in my honest opinion and I will not hesitate to recommend this laptop to anyone who is looking for a mobile "do everything" computer.
  3. Any suggestions to see where the problem is ? Or do you think I should return it? I have a weekend to test it out tho.
  4. Well, as I explained earlier, the laptop will randomly shutdown on its own in out-of-the-box setting. e.g several seconds after CB20, it shuts down by itself, or when openning a program, it shuts down itself. In fact, during the Windows 10 initial set-up, it shuts down itself for three times(Turbo boost engaged and CPU on load I guess). I found that I have a much more stable system by increase the voltage by 0.01v, that means the CPU operates at 1.154v now and after several 3DMARK and CB20 run, it didn't crush. I am on the fence of returning this unit, since this unit seems to be faster than most reviewer's unit.
  5. I mean 1.14v out of the box and I increased 0.01v in XTU. Sorry for the typo
  6. Hi, all I just joined this forum to discuss this really weird behavior on the laptop that I just bought after watching Linus's review, ASUS ROG GX701GX. I quickly noticed that the laptop will shutdown by itself in daily tasks for some reason and using HWINFO, I can see that the CPU are operating at 1.144v when doing Cinebench R20(and quickly shutdown after few seconds), which to my knowledge, is not what it should be. I have tried to use Intel XTU to increase the voltage by 0.01v as well as tweaking PL2,PL1 and for now the laptop is quite stable. So, do you think there is a motherboard fault or it is just Asus undervolt the CPU by factory and the one I received just can not handle that amount of undervolting? Please let me know because I am on the fence of returning this unit. Oh by the way, the retail unit I received comes with a Intel 660p, not a PM981 reviewed by Linus or Notebookcheck. edit: correct some typo I mean 1.14volt not 1.44?