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  1. If you don't mind me asking, How many joules should I get?
  2. Hi, I built a gaming PC, and I wanted to know, is a surge protector enough, or should I go for a UPS, and if a surge protector is good enough, how many joules should it be. My PC specs are: - 9700k - Msi z390 gaming pro carbon Ac - Corsair 16Gb 3200 Rgb Memory Modules - Asus Rtx 2080 ti strix oc - Samsung 970 pro 512Gb - Evga G3 1000w power supply
  3. I got a Asus 2080 ti strix OC yesterday, once I installed the driver it started making a coil whine while idle, when I open the browser it goes away and then it comes back, when I play games no coil whine or little whine, is this normal, I dont mind the sound. My question is, is this a bad thing, will it damage my card in the long run?
  4. So I got it today New, I open it and I works good a bit of coil whine, but my point of this question is, can the pcb be made in China and in the backplate sticker says made in Taiwan, is that possible
  5. Hi, I got a USB wifi adapter and it gives me Critical Process Died everytime I reset my PC, the adapter works and I don't get blue screen while using my PC, only when I reset it it, weird, so I got a pcie wifi card and the same happens, I tried everything I don't know what to do. My components are: 8700k Gigabyte z370xp sli Motherboard 16gb of hyperx Memory Seasonic 750w titanium power supply No GPU yet
  6. Corsair RM 750X power supply I bought the CPU use but it look new, you think I should install my new 8700k or get a other motherboard
  7. I tried everything I read all the codes, My psu is a corsair 750 gold so I don't think is that, I already bought a 8700k my question is will it be wise to try it with the motherboard I have or get another one
  8. Asus Z370 Hero X Motherboard 16gb of 3000mhz Memory 750w power supply Corsair 240mm aio cooler 512gb nvme I understand, but why does my g4920 work perfectly, no BSOD no problems at all
  9. Hi everyone, I bought a used 8700k and a Asus z370 Maximus hero x from different sellers, I plug in everything, it worked for a bit and then I noticed windows was stuck non responsive, so I turn it of and on, but it didn't post, then I tried it a few more times and it posted, then in around 15 minutes windows got stuck again and didn't want to post, so tried everything I could to make it work, but it keeps doing the same thing, I made it work and ran occt for 13 minutes then blue screen, so I had a celeron g4920 and installed it, and now it works perfectly, I ran Occt for a bit more than a hour, had it working for 2 days now, so my question is did I got a bad 8700k or my motherboard mess it up, and if I try a other 8700k will it do the same, I don't know what to do☹