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  1. Never knew about this tool. Very cool! Is it officially by MSFT? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thx for that great and informative reply!!! I agree about the selling of data vs malware. I guess malware could be interpreted loosly. In any case, I am less concerned about my data than I am about Zoom leaving a potential large penetration surface on my device than prior to installing it. If that makes sense. Thx again
  3. So, I have went down a wormhole and found out that ZOOM is somewhat of a malware. I have uninstalled it from my PC but want to make sure it's eliminated and its ports are closed (if that makes sense). Anyone has an idea about this? Something extra needed post-regular uninstall from Windows? I really (really!) don't trust that software anymore. (you can google it if you'd like) Thanks so much!
  4. Thx. Been trying to put my finger on this as well. Perhaps I should try a slightly faster distro (Manjaro XFCE). I was asking myself if I am making the mistake of comparing smoothness/animations with speed. Perhaps there's that as well. I can say (after using for a bit) that the official Ubuntu distro is for sure slower than anything else (Windows for sure but also Manjaro). My PC has no issue whatsoever with speed when it comes to Windows 10 regular use, so this isn't about having a slow PC, more I guess about refinement of the Ubuntu OS (it's the slowest I have tested). I am now trying out Manjaro and will report on that one as well once I make sure it's not a placebo affect/animation fallacy. Windows 10 has become quite refined and perhaps this contributes to the speediness of the system (everything flows). Reminds me a bit of the Android vs iOS issue - where in iOS everything seems to flow nicely (well, at least it used when I had it back in the day). PS (for anyone still reading) - so to conclude regarding the Drivers, a built in gpu (intel) does NOT require downloading and installing drivers, right?
  5. Thank you, but I tend to leave my PC and sometimes not come back to it. I prefer it would go to sleep mode at those times (i work mostly with google docs for school reasons, and I often will have dozens of tabs with highlights open. I really like to get back to where I left things). Although your suggestion would work, I would still be curious as to why this is happening.
  6. tl:dr: PC won't wake up from sleep. Anyone might have a good advice on this - would be appreciated. I built a used but new PC. After a few days of usage, it would tend not to go out of sleep mode. I tried everything I can think of: Long pressing the power button. Reset button. Shut down PSU. Nothing worked. The only thing that would make the PC wake up again would be - and this is only sometimes - to literally take it out of the power plug, wait a bit, and then try again. This would work only sometimes. I thought to myself, ok, I am a bit experienced (although rusty) with this, so I am guessing since I used a used motherboard, and anyways I wanted to change it, might as well get rid of it. Got another mobo. All other hardware remained the same. Was great for 3 days. And today - AGAIN - same issue!!!! So I guess this is not a motherboard issue (perhaps I should not have assumed that from the get go). Anyone can tell me why is it that the PC won't wake up? The weird thing is, now it won't turn on AT ALL. I did manage to turn it on for a second, saw the fan turning and then power seems to have went off. Moved it to a different plug (i thought maybe my extender was bad) - same issue. No change. Could it be a bad power supply? Edit: it's a Seasonic gold PSU with plenty of headroom. Frustrated. Sorry for the long post. Thanks so much!
  7. Hi. Confused. I just installed a CPU and a pretty crappy fan. When put against the boards, the arrows on the 4 black screws are in LOCKED position when the arrows are tilted closer to the heatsink or away from it? I am sorry for the bad explanation, but hoping you got the point. This is rather confusing. Thanks!
  8. Thank you. This is great! Difference in quality is very noticable. (I wonder why Netflix does not mention that to you when you are using Chrome. ) Thanks for the help guys!!!
  9. I have noticed that the quality is a bit off. Someone told me that it may be the case that Netflix does not play at 1080 on Chrome due to DRM restrictions. Is this really the case? How can I find out for sure? Thanks so much!
  10. I was looking to replace Windows with a Linux Distro. Tried Ubuntu (so slow!), Mint (excellent!), Manjaro (good!) with different IDEs (Mate, Cinnamon, XFCE, Gnome). Despite this long and time consuming adventure, none of these felt as fluid and fast as Windows 10. I wonder if this is a known thing, or am I missing something?! Perhaps its a drivers issue, or compatibility with vendors (they invest more time into making their drivers better with Windows?). I was quite disappointed because I learned that Linux is way leaner and uses very few running processes. Thought I will share my experience.
  11. Hi everyone. Decided to finally give Linux a try after a while. I am rusty. I have a 27" HP display which, under windows, in the Intel Graphics Manager (or whatever that program was called), I calibrated to my liking. Extra punchy colors and high contrast helps me with my reading. Looks awesome. I just installed the Gnome version of Manjaro. Anyone might be able to tell me how do I do this? I cannot see any way to calibrate this display under "color" (under Devices). When I remove the profile, the Calibrate option is grayed out. Thanks so much!!!
  12. Curious about this. Is this recommended? Supposed to make surfing faster, since site won't load fonts from external sources, right? Interested in knowing if anyone tried this. Thx! PS: UBO = UBlock Origin