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  1. What motherboard do you use? im afraid this one is too big and ends up not fitting my x570 phantom gaming 4
  2. Im using the stock cpu cooler and the temperatures im getting are like 82° average in big games. What cooler can i get in order to lower this temperatures atleast to 60°? What are you guys using?
  3. 8GB 2666 Mhz kingston one stick. In the other one i had 8GB in 4 sticks of 2 GB each at 1333 Mhz
  4. What the hell is happening. I recently bought a Ryzen 5 3600 to replace my 8 year old i5-650. In both systems i used a low end card, the amd r7 240 2GB. I thought i was going to get better performance when i bought the cpu, but today, i downloaded rainbow six siege and found that at the same configuration is running with less fps. The thing is absurd i had at the minumum configuration like 70 fps now i get less than 60 and when i look other players i get like 45... Is the temperature? the chipset is runing at 63° and the cpu gets up to 73°... but still, what is happening.
  5. Hi, i downloaded crystalDiskInfo and this showed up: https://i.imgur.com/BaWy38U.png It says caution. My HDD is like very old (9 Years old) i need to change it but i want to know how bad it is, do you guys think its done for? or its saveable somehow. Also what does current pending sector count?