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  1. Does it support every rgb header ? As my mobo is old and don't have RGB header at all (Z170-A Asus). But of course i can go for some Z270. Its stupid question i know but i was looking for new motherboard yesterday and some mobos says "rgb led CONNECTOR" others just "rgb HEADER" (i guess both are the same but described differently) , jrainbow header, "wb2812b header" , "corsair header". Or i basically need any board that supports Mystic light , Aura , Gigabyte fusion
  2. Good one. That's basically the glorious "WS2812B" but already programmed. Let's see if i can find it anywhere in EU or go for the Deepcool 200pro. Btw is there argb monitor strip? By that i mean with USB or so. Also thanks for the help to you and the guys above.
  3. Praise the chinese. For a 15$ it's a steal with that many effects but not only static color. The topic is based on that why the RGB ( Addressable ) strips are overcomplicated compared to rgb fans / keyboard etc. You can find keyboard/fans with amazing color combos for 20-50$ , but when it comes down to rgb strip - you have to be either engineer (coding the strip presets) or buy an expensive motherboard / Hue/ Node in order to get the rainbow effects and so.
  4. I mean the Strips , they are overcomplicated - u need mobo or coding if you want rainbow effect. And i dont get it , when you buy keyboard / fans it's so simple - there are tons of with whatever color combo you want. But when it comes down to a rgb strip you have to buy 200$ motherboard or expensive kit. U can't simply buy 40-50$ strip because all you get is static color.
  5. I was referring to the Strips. There are tons of options for rgb fans (i use cougar hpb pack) / mouse / keyboards. The rgb strips are complicated and confusing for some reason....
  6. So i just heard about WS2812B addressable RGB. Basically you have to spend s... tons of $ on motherboard so u can see the glorious "Rainbow effect". Isn't it cheaper to simply buy Corsair node / NZXT hue+ ? I've seen many complain about their price , but the Maximus X HERO costs like 200-300$. Im pretty new to the "RGB" world and just like everyone else - i like colors. Single color is boring , multicolor looks like pain in the a.. I don't even know why it's so complicated. You want RGB keyboard ? - buy it , you want RGB fans ? - buy it. You want RGB strips - buy new motherboard or spend 100$ on controller with 2-3 short strips , set it up 3 hours.. like *what the actual....* Why there is not some affordable 30-50$ way to do it. Just like the peripherals - glorious model o has nice rgb , tons of rgb keyboards / chassis fans..
  7. EvolvX

    Cougar fans

    Well.. only if i was smarter. Well done , thanks! Guess that means i can connect even 4 of them together. I guess i'll go for 3 on the top header and 2 front on the bottom one. Thanks for the help , appreciate it ! See you arround
  8. Corsair 300MM 930/300
  9. EvolvX

    Cougar fans

    Thank you , mate. It do the job. I know it's fine , but would be good to know if they're 0.3/0.4/0.9A (not sure if the last is possible tho for a chassis fan)
  10. I've heard many complain about SS quality. Especially the 310 series. I had G403 myself.Great mouse for bigger hands imo , the only problem is the Switches. There many complains about the Omron switches even tho they're one of the best out there , unfortunately with time (short time..) they wear out and there's something called " double clicking ". I've used my G403 for like 3-4 months until this problem occured. Currently using FK1 but my hands are big and its uncomfortable so i am considering to buy G703 (as it use the "better" 50M switches unlike the G403 20M). Claw/palm hybrid grip.
  11. EvolvX

    Cougar fans

    I am aiming for up to 5 chassis fans , but my mobo has only 4 headers (Z170-A) , heard about using a splitter but i cant find the fans amps anywhere(is it safe to use 2/3 fans on a single header or it'll blow up) Is there anyone who can give me some information about it / help me calculate it if possible? product Name VORTEX RGB HPB 120 Cooling Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm Bearing Type HDB (Hydro-Dynamic Bearing) Speed PWM 600-1500 R.P.M Air Flow 43.54 CFM 73.94 m3/h Air Pressure 1.17mm H2O Fan Voltage 12 VDC LED Voltage 5 VDC Acoustical Noise 26 dBA Cable Length 600mm LED Lights 18 LED Power Consumption 1.8W I want to connect the fans to the mobo and the LED to the PSU (so that my mobo can control the fans).