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  1. I also forgot to add the WD Blue to the list I didn't manage to find the S635, but did find the SU800. Also found the SU650, but there are no sellers of it on Amazon here in the UK. I haven't really heard of Adata much before, how do you think their quality compares to Kingston or WD? Thanks for the help also. How do you think the Crucial would compare to the WD Blue?
  2. I'm in the market for a SATA3 2.5inch 500gb SSD to upgrade my laptop. Currently deciding between: Kingston A400 Kingston UV500 Samsung EVO 860 (currently the most expensive and least likely) Crucial MX500 Crucial BX500 WD Blue I'm trying to keep the costs down. Does anybody know if the differences between the two Kingston drives are substantial? Any pointers would be appreciated