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  1. Yeah thanks for the heads up. The msi rx 5700 mech oc went on sale and is now permanently at the sale price.
  2. @WoodenMarker people say that nzxt h500 has bad airflow, but how come that many people buy it? Is there a better option than a nzxt h500?
  3. I will be done buying all the parts in about 2-3 months. Should i be waiting and seeing the new aibs or should i buy the pulse cards straight away. honestly you are a life saver! Many thanks go to you!
  4. I can’t seem to find the release dates. Do you have a link? Thank you
  5. @WoodenMarker sorry to bother you again and again but i really value your knowledge very much. Can you look at this thread and try to help! i am to awe to you, honestly. You have helped alot man!
  6. I think you mean the evoke or are both the evoke and the mech really bad? What other aibs should i wait for and see. Gigabuyte have come out with its gaming oc though is it any good?
  7. My plan was to go with the pulse but people said to wait for the nitro+ if they ever release that. The thing with waiting is that prices a definitaly going to go up, some stores have already made it more exspenisve. It cost orgianlly around 4300 kr but now its priced at 4500 kr. So i just might get the pulse now. What are your thoughts its a 25 dollar price difference. so
  8. Ahhahaah ofc this is the one i have been waiting for my whole life