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  1. It worked fine before, the crash occurred when I was force closing an app which failed to load. Guess I’ll have to go to a service centre to verify if its dead. Thanks man.
  2. I have changed the slot, still it does not show up in the bios.
  3. It crashed, when I was opening an app, to the “your PC ran into a problem...” blue screen, then rebooted and started disk check and then the “insert a device to boot..” black screen came. The motherboard is msi z390 gaming pro carbon ac. It believe it has two m.2 drives. I’ll try that tomorrow. Thanks for replying.
  4. My 3 month old PC suddenly crashed and bios does not show the m.2 drive.
  5. My 3 month old windows 10 PC suddenly crashed and says select a device to boot. Its not recognising the m.2 nvme on which the os was installed.
  6. Are the random freezes caused by this issue? Will replacing it fix it?
  7. I am not sure. It’s coming from the psu.
  8. Hello, my psu CX 750M makes electrical buzz. System randomly freezes for a second when the buzz stops for a second, and then runs as usual. Hope someone would be kind enough to solve this.