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  1. In AMD Overdrive i have about 20C margin under load.
  2. What update? where to find it? i did update mobo drivers, but temps are same i using HWmonitor... under 1H load cores didn't fall below 3.89Ghz
  3. Yes i did , with stock cooler it's the same thing.... I'm in PC world for about 10 years and this is first time i can't figure it out...
  4. That your ssd or hdd working and it's correctly pluged in doesn't mean it's good.It's more than commonly storage fault. Download and install Hard Disk Sentinel to check your health and performance. It's 5 minute job.
  5. Hello for some time i use: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit AMD Athlon X4 760K with Cooler master TX3 EVO ASUS A55 BM-K FM2+ MOBO RX 480 STRIX 8GB (i know it's horrible mistake and bottleneck but i buying part-by part.) 2x4 GB DDR3 1600mhz My CM PSU 750W passed out so i bough RAIDMAX COBRA 800W ( before you jump on on this one it's temporary solution but raidmax claims to use japanese caps) WD BLUE 1TB ( HDSentinel 100/100) PATRIOT 120GB SSD.(HDSentinel 100/100) Before CM dies i experienced some random reboots without error or warning completely, i switched to BRAND NEW PSU which is budget solution for now and should be ok with 5 years warranty... But now i experience random reboots during long gaming sessions once in a few days.... List of things i checked: 1) Stressed GPU in Furmark 6GB RAM USAGE with Artifacts scanner (rog one) for 2hrs (nothing happened) 2) use CPU burner on all cores for 1hr (there is something really confusing) 3) Combining that 2 test for 30 MIN all seems to be ok, 4) doing memtest few times. 5) passed 3D MARK 3 times (no problems) 6) few clean installs of Windows So i don't think it's PSU again... For what i saw in CB r20, HW Monitor show me 97C (196 F) CPU package while core stays on 50-55C. In CPU burner same thing... When i combined 3 threads + Furmark test (1 thread left for that) i got 103 C (200 F), but nothing happened again, no restart at all... i know that sensors on Athlon X4 doesn't show right temp, but i don't know what exact temp was... there's no way to figure that out... GPU didnt passed 64C in Furmark which is quite cool. Mobo temp was 60C when combined. I did replace thermal paste (Arctic one) , reassemble cooler obviously but no change... What should i do next?