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    Powering on and off

    Isn’t there anything to do with bios ?
  2. When I power up my computer by pressing the power button it starts for about 1 second (fans, leds etc turns on) then it turns off for 1 second (fans, leds etc turns off) then it turns on normally and starts windows. NOTE : This always happens after I unplug the computer after using it the previously but if I turned off the pc and left it in the power socket it turns on from the first time. SPECS: -motherboard: gigabyte h310 s2h - cpu : i3 8100 - Gpu : 1050 Ti - Ram : 8GB 2666mhz - storage : Kingston ssd 120 Gb + WD 1TB - case : cooler master mid tower cmp 505 + cooler master psu 600 watt