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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I figured since on this latest card there was no artifacting, that maybe it was something different. Having already "upgraded" my PSU only to still have problems, I dont want to buy new CPU, mobo, RAM etc and then still have issues...
  2. GPU Model : EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC GAMING I will get crashes to desktop in games randomly, sometimes I will simply completely freeze up at the desktop while doing nothing in particular, or my monitors will flicker black and then back. I used DDU in safe mode mulitple times and reinstalling drivers did nothing, both on the latest drivers as well as 425.31 and neither was stable enough to be even remotely acceptable. I also will notice that on boot randomly my keyboard will not be responding nor will it be lit up(Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard), this does not happen at all with the 970 in, also of course most of the time the keyboard gets detected just fine but the PC will eventually crash regardless. One of my monitors is 144Hz and the other is 60Hz(Display Port cable for the first monitor and HDMI for the second) Both of them are BenQ Having my older GTX 970 in and there are no issues. I recently switched out my PSU and the cables to a Corsair HX750i thinking that would fix it but it made no difference. Particularly from the first thread I also notice that sometimes my PC fails to boot up(turns on but screens are black) or it will boot up and I notice my keyboard RGBs are off and it isnt responding to being pressed, that is always a sign that my PC will crash soon after when I re-plug the keyboard. Note that this never happens with my 970 in. My mobo is MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC I checked for any overclocking in my BIOS but there was none so that was not a fix unfortuantely. A person on the NVIDIA forums said to replace either the CPU, RAM, or both; but I ran a memtest on my RAM a couple weeks ago overnight and it came back with 0% errors(unless its still possible its the RAM?) and I'd obviously not replace the CPU if I dont have to, and fail to see how it could be the CPU if it works with the 970, but I am sure there are people that know better than me. The CPU is an i5 9600k I know its possible its a 3rd bad GPU in a row(RMAd with EVGA twice already), but I dont want to keep replacing my GPUs and have it be something else this whole time.