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  1. faintmonster

    HP Omen - Best External GPU

    Good advice, I'll keep that in mind!
  2. faintmonster

    HP Omen - Best External GPU

    They do, but it looks like they discontinued the hp omen accelerator earlier this year and they're so hard to find secondhand in the UK.
  3. faintmonster

    HP Omen - Best External GPU

    I'm just future proofing. Making sure I have a compatible GPU enclosure for when my laptop does start to chug in a couple years and the EGPU on the market at the time may not be compatible.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a HP Omen 15-dc0022na. I'm looking around at external GPU enclosures and it's really not clear whether the enclosures I've been looking at are compatible with the Omen. The Razer Core X seems to be the best lead but I know they're pretty hit and miss as to whether they'll actually work with 3rd Party Brands. Any recommendations guys? Many thanks, John