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  1. The test found no errors, and I'm still having this issue...
  2. Okay, I'm running a test right now, thanks...
  3. Uhh, I'm confused, what am I supposed to do exactly?
  4. I currently have no launchers open, but the problem continues on.
  5. The initial size was 400, and the maximum size was 12000. I changed that to "System managed size" and I have the same problem again.
  6. Hi, For the last week, I've been experiencing a really frustrating problem with my HDD. Even though my Windows OS is installed on my SSD (Force Series™ MP510 240GB M.2 SSD) and there is absolutely no reason for my HDD to run during normal computer usage (since only games are installed on my HDD), all of a sudden the usage on my HDD spikes up to %100 percent and it freezes my computer for half a second or so. This is not a huge problem, but sometimes it becomes more frequent than usual and I feel very frustrated because of that. Things I've tried: Uninstalling Intel Rapid Storage Technology program Setting my laptop to maximum performance Thank you in advance... (Disk 0 is my SSD, and Disk 1 is my HDD.)