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  1. Thanks for all the answers, i'll wait and see how the 3600 perform and choose between this one and the i5 9600k
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some frendly advice. I'm planning a cpu/mobo/ram upgrade in the near futur. Currently my system is : Intel Core i5-4460 (3.2 GHz) Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 Motherboard 8 gb of DDR3 ram (1600 mhz single chanel) GALAX GTX 970 What i do on my pc is mostly gaming but more CPU intensive ones like MMOs (specialy World of Warcraft) and other online games like Smite, Dota, Battlerite, Divinity 2, Starcraft, Overwatch, Destiny etc... i do not play a lot of triple A games. (i will also change the gpu to something like a RTX 2080 but probably early 2020) I don't want to spend more than 600 euros for CPU + mobo + ram so i came out with this 2 systems : --- an amd one with ryzen 7 2700x : https://www.topachat.com/pages/configomatic.php?c=hK0%2Bp0NHpqeWbhyVADHMfs%2FYTWfsvUTHdgMA6N%2BUgGQ%3D --- and an intel one with i5 9600k : https://www.topachat.com/pages/configomatic.php?c=47pP66IiXYuTHfahxATrLq9xY95Y%2FFE%2FjtNpV1btEqM%3D So which one do you think is better for me ? Or do you have any other cpu suggestions that fit my budget ? Thanks and pardon my english i'm sending this from France Edit : Forgot to say that i play at 1440p on a 144 Hz screen.