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  1. hello i dont know if here is the right topic but i bought a displayport cable for my pc and did some diging and found out that there is some displayport cables that have 20 pin that can damage your pc , how to know if i have the bad one? and can that damage new graphics cards (2019)? my gpu saphire rx5700 xt pulse
  2. hi i have an gtx970 g1 gameing (4gb) black friday came and i wanted a new graphic card to upgrade for 1080p freesync singleplayer most. I found that saphire rx 5700xt pulse was on sale for 370 euros lowest was 405 euros before BF so i hit order did i did good is it worth the investment vs ather brands?
  3. Hello sorry for my english need help: i have LGA 1150 i5-4670 NON K 12gb 1600Mhz DDR3 gtx 970 g1 gameing 1080p freesync 120hrz 27 inch monitor , my birthday come close and i want to make one upgrade and im between GPU: rx590 since freesync monitor or gtx1660 or try find CPU: i7-4790k (worth it?) becouse of "bottleneck" 300euros ish budget... Campaing (single player) mostly player, or sould i look for rig upgrade without gpu first? thank you in advance