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  • CPU
    i5 6600
  • Motherboard
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    16gb ddr4 HyperX
  • GPU
    Gigabyte gtx 1080 OC
  • Case
    windforce segotep
  • Storage
    3TB harddisk & 120gb SSD
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    550 WATT
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    Dell 24 1080 60fps
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    Stock cooler
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    Cooler master CK550
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    Steelseries Predator rival 300
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    HyperX Alpha
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. I really like white build because my casing and some my hardware are white and black. First of all i read most forum say cl16 is the sweetspot for 3200mhz and but some of my friend say just buy 3600mhz for futureproof. It's true? im rarely upgrade my pc because if upgrade it take 1-2 years for next upgrade for me. Then i really awesome on dominator because it so gorgeous for me but some of my friend say this ram are expensive and they tell me it not worth because of just looking nice. But really want to know it really worth or nahh 2nd choice some community always fight each other about vengeance and tridentz neo. Mostly on youtube people can get high benchmark on tridentz but i dont really like that pattern rgb, but will it worth ? tridentz price abit high than vengeance on my country that 2 ram stick are affordable for me because it 110-130$ which is better for me? some of my gskill is best value in the market and better for overclocking the ram!! i get into it to overclock the ram and all of this ram are samsung b-die right?
  2. damn that really hurt now i can see why people would like ryzen even the ryzen have some less fps on game but we can do what we want on b450 am4 for me always render video project because im still in student and some of them multimedia subject but it worth with less budget. mostly people with little budget would like to get ryzen build because it cheap and we can do what we want
  3. I am glad buying Ryzen with b450 series because can overclock but why intel still doesn't give b460 series motherboard overclocking? why they dont want? i saw that intel 10gen low end 10400F so good at all but you still need Z series mobo
  4. if oc b450 on mortar no problem at all maybe it best choice for me and if cannot overclock ram 3600mhz it enough for 3200 mhz
  5. what you mean good? what effect of worse mosfets? does it effect when trying RAM 3600mhz or CPU 4.2 ?
  6. for first time overclocking like me that it better choose mortar max ? because mortar max in my country $107 and tomhwk $115. But im freaking love the m.2 and extra usb port back panel but the problem is 4 sata only now i already connected 3 on my pc. tomhawk less feature but more people would say is the best choice for long term if upgrading new ryzen 4gen
  7. sometimes im agree about this and would there is any performance between this 2 mobo for long term?
  8. why you would go for cheaper option? i rarely upgrading my pc in long term. my pc setup almost 3-4 years same spec
  9. for me first time want to try overclocking the cpu and ram which is worth mortar max or tomahawk max? and why itx is better but someone tell me that itx cant give performance same like b450 & b450m
  10. i was gonna pair r5 3600 + mortar max / tomahawk max I dont which gonna to buy can someone give me which is the best option for long term? first of all i non overclocking person but want to try for first time on CPU and RAM. 2ND should i choose b450m because of many i/o USB? or choosing b450 tomahawk because has better vram for first time like me? I already find many forum but totally most of them have different option because casing and etc just want to know the best performance in long term between of 2 motherboard
  11. if i want to xpm for ram and oc cpu it fine for long term? because i rarely have a budget to uprade my pc in a 1 or 2 year
  12. i can saw that many forum say tomahawk is better but idk which part better than vram ? i saw that mortar have 1 phase and tomahawk 2 phase heatsink is worth for me to buy mortar?
  13. the price is abit higher for me because it spend me more than 110 usd in asia
  14. Some people would say mortar max is better than tomahawk because of m.2 and more usb port. I saw that heatsink in mortar only 1 phase and tomahawk 2 phase, what different between of them? My budget only 110 usd in asia only for motherboard.