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  1. @dgsddfgdfhgs I just didn’t know if that mobo will do fine with an overclocked R7 2700x. I don’t really care how hot it gets as long as it doesn’t get hot enough to damage anything or lower the health of it.
  2. Is a ryzen 7 2700x good in a gigabyte b450 Aorus Pro atx? I also might be doing a little overclocking but I know temps will be high and that board is not the best with voltages and overclocking. I am upgrading my cpu and I would of got a better board but I already had this one and didn’t want to have to reinstall everything.
  3. @Jurrunio it is an atx board. Do you think that board is fine even if I don’t overclock it would a different one just be better?
  4. I am think about getting the gigabyte b450 aorus pro WiFi for my ryzen 5 2600x. Is that a good choice? I am also thinking about overclocking.
  5. I am wanting to overclock my ryzen 5 2600x to 4.2ghz on the gigabyte b450 aorus pro WiFi but I don’t know how the VRMs temp will be. Does anyone know if it is safe for that overclock on that mobo with a NZXT liquid cooler and medium to good airflow?