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  1. Well my ambient is 10 - 20 Celsius and the idle is 34 when laying game all boost clock goes up to 3.9 ghz and it stays under or at 60 Celsius so I call that a success over my old temps (idle 45 - 48 and load 72) Also I wanted to ask : Is there a problem with my cpu being at 60 - 80 % EDC while not doing anything??? The reason I am asking this,is because I changed the Minimum Proccesing smething to 5 % and it hasnt changed anything
  2. Well I was using mx4 arctic the temps are fantastic 27 on idle so I am really happy about that
  3. Look I am in the process of changing my Cpu cooler right now so I will tell you in about 30 minutes i think
  4. Kust wanted to know if this is enough thermal paste or do I need more? My cpu is a ryzen 2600 stock speeds and I used Arctic Mx 4
  5. Today I was playing Euro truck simulator 2 on my rtx 2060 super, and it was fine. The card had no problem of running the game. However, I realised that MSI Afterburner said that the cards speed was 480mhz and then it jumped to 1125mhz and then back to 750mhz and then 1300mhz!! Is there a problem with the game, the graphics card etc.. or is it just that the graphics card is not continuously utilized by the game?
  6. well its actually more like 80% but the cores are all around the board. core 1 and 2(sometimes) are hitting 3800mhz consistently while the others stay at 1550 mhz or somethin like that or they are boosting to 3800 too by just watching
  7. For me its 33 euros and the cooler master 212 is 36 if I remeber correctly and the same for the arctic cooler..oh and also i wanted to ask : Is it ok if the cpu is using 95% or 99% while watching a video and the temperatures being 51 or 53 C (stock wraith cooler)???
  8. Well I decided that it's time to buy a new cpu cooler so thanks for the help and also is tge Cryorig H7 a good choice ?
  9. its at the edge kinda so if my memory is correct i dont have a problem and I dont know how but the problem I had with y cpu is gone without doing anything so thanks i guess
  10. No I did not try to decode a video , I was watching a vidoe on youtube ....however I dont know sometimes it stays cool and ok and sometimes it spikes up to 50 on idle ohh and also i wanted to ask if leaving a bit with no thermal paste has to do with my poblem , because when I applied thermal paste and took of the cpu cooler to bve sure I did it correctly a little tiny spot did not have any !! Will the other thermal paste spread out or should I apply some
  11. I did not clean the thermal paste of the cpu cooler nor the cpu with alcohol but i just wiped it off and it was fine because it went out in bits