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  1. Thanks, crossing my fingers before I go back to win 7, or just evaluate a third party format app for my office.
  2. So I am wondering if anyone on here has come across this. At my office we prepare drives in bulk for customers, ie, wiping/secure erase, hash verify, format, software encrypt. If we used regular disk management on Win 7, we could quickly set 4-5 drives to perform a slow format by punching through the "new simple volume" wizard quite quick, start the next 2 seconds after clicking finish on the previous drive. On win 10 however, it seems to always pop up with the prompt to "format drive D" ad "drive needs to be formatted", after closing these real quick ,still there is about 20 seconds between being able to go to the next drive. This happens even if you take care to select a new drive letter on the 2nd step of the new simple volume wizard. I am wondering if there is a way for windows to not pop up with that warning to format, as the drive is already starting the format process. I tried disabling any autoplay and autorun options in settings and group policy. Any other group policy or registry setting someone can think of?