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  1. jamesmarshall1992

    150 USD questionable

    it could be busted
  2. jamesmarshall1992

    150 USD questionable

    i found this dell not sure if its worth it gotta be a Dell Latitude E5520 and from 2011 i dont know people can lie when it comes to ads and it could be junk
  3. I would like to fix computers work on them! I continue to learn more and more as each day passes!, I use a calculator half the time since I am terrible at math and I know calculus is a thing and mandatory , what is the best filed in computers that I can learn more work on them!
  4. #Dell wow CNBC think dell is gone there tile What Happened To Dell? why sure dell fucked up a bit but I think there still good
  5. jamesmarshall1992

    hello everyone im new looking for a new potential laptop

    there is a 8 gb version
  6. am not in usa i live in costa rica central america for the past few days i been finding getting recommendations from u guys most might say dell xp13 that one isnt sold here and i remember linus video on $400 laptop am a bit skeptical FWI costa rica is a spanish language country so i translated the details Processor: Intel® Celeron® N4000 S. O: Windows 10 Home RAM Memory: 8GB Hard drive: 1TB Video Card: Intel® UHD 600 Screen type: HD SVA BrightView Audio system: HD Audio with stereo speakers USB Ports: 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1 USB 2.0; HDMI output; RJ-45; Auxiliary Battery life: up to 11 hours 1TB HDD Storage All the space you need, with 1 TB of hard disk you will be able to store 200.000 songs or 400.000 photos.
  7. jamesmarshall1992

    photo editing laptop ?

    its not that i need to play games am happy with psn so gaming is covered thanks
  8. jamesmarshall1992

    photo editing laptop ?

    i was going to post this for photography section since am a photographer and i was looking in to a laptop to edit photos but how is this ok if 8 gb is for editing if its recommended
  9. i spoke to a guy here one the form hes right i should look into 8gb here's where you guys come in is something like this a good option am seeing a ton of 4gb new and 2018 models out of all a few in panama where i like to buy one coz here in costa rica its doubled the real US price Manufacturer: Lenovo Product range: Lenovo IdeaPad Location: Spanish Brand: Lenovo Optical storage Type: None Unit type: Without optical drive HDD Hard drive capacity: 1 TB Type: HDD RAM Installed size: 8 GB Technology: DDR4 SDRAM OS pro-rated Edition: Windows 10 Pro Type: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Edition screen Native resolution: 1920 x 1080 Diagonal size: 14 inches Type: LED Processor Manufacturer: AMD Type: Ryzen 5 Clock speed: 2 GHz Video output Graphics processor: AMD Radeon Vega 8
  10. jamesmarshall1992

    hello everyone im new looking for a new potential laptop

    i wasnt going for that one per say it was one of many i saw your right about 8GB at a minimum, 16GB any brands that are good with 8GB at a minimum, 16GB am not sure about dell any more linus has been tough against them probably a hp
  11. hello everyone im new am a american latino living in costa rica next to panama i been thinking about getting a laptop they have all prices of course from 360 to 1999 in panama i don't have that kind of money to spend over 1000 usd i didn't see any lenovo yoga c930 what should i look for i'm not a expert in computers i know what they do components but to code or computer science nothing am so bad at math so i use a calculator but besides that i saw a few good options from those am looking for 1tb ssd or hard drive for editing photos ,1080p if it has type c fine but i need a sd card reader