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  1. Well it stayed on all the time after the restart, so I just shut it off after about 30 minutes, there's no way it would take that long and also like I said the BIOS LED stopped blinking so I guess it should be right.
  2. Okay, so I just updated my BIOS with the Flash BIOS Butoon (MSI B450 Tomahawk) and an USB stick. Everything worked, the LED blinked for some minutes and now the LED stopped blinking and the PC shut down. But now it restarted. Is this normal and can i shut him off with the power button ? ( I did the BIOS update without a CPU and without video output with the BIOS Flash Button) nvm i shut it off now, thanks for nothing Ii guess but let me know if this was the right step
  3. Okay, so I updated the BIos now, the LEd stopped blinking and the PC shut down. But now it restarted. Is this normal and can i shut him off with the power button ?
  4. Hey guys, I'm planning to buy one of the new Ryzen 3000 CPUs, I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk Motherboard and I have to update my BIOS that the CPU works on it. I've already seen a video from the MSI Youtube channel about the Flash BIOS Button on the MSI motherboards So, I already have the USB drive in FAT32 format with the renamed file, but here's my concern: I already put my DDR4 DIMMs in the motherboard, same thing with my GPU and my SSD, I also put all the cables in already. Will this be a problem having it already built in, since in the video they haven't? I don't think so but I really want to be 100% safe. It is also a fresh PC build (Sapphire RX Vega 56 Pulse, 16GB DDR4 3200 CL16 Corsair Vengance LPX, MSI B450 Tomahawk, Corsair TX750M, 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD and the Cooler Master MasterCase H500 Mesh) so I don't have the CPu yet, neither do I have Windows or any files on the SSD, it's brand new. Now, when I update my BIOS with the Flash BIOS Button (when it works with all things already built in), I won't have an output on my screen right? I know the red LED on the mainboard will flash till its finished updating, but like I said I already have my GPU in. That's just all, maybe a bit senseless, but I really want to be safe there.
  5. Hey guys, I will buy a R7 3700X on release and I'm not sure which sort of cooling I should use in the future. For air cooling, I would choose the beQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4, for liquid cooling I would use the Corsair H150i Pro. Both have very similar temperatures, as much as I know. Now my concern is airflow. I have the Cooler Master MasterCase H500 with the Mesh equipped of course. This case has 2x 200mm front fans and one 120mm exhaust at the rear and has one of the best temperatures for stock cases. What would be smarter, top mounted H150i Pro or the air cooler? Also, should I buy extra exhaust fans when choosing the Dark Rock Pro 4?
  6. Hey guys, I'm going to buy a Ryzen 7 3700X when it will be available in my country (Germany). So far, I have everything except the CPU and a GPU. For the GPU, I will buy an AMD RX Vega 56, one of the custom designs (5700 series is not worth the money imo). My concern now is, should I wait till I buy the CPU and buy the GPU then, or should I just buy it now? I think the stock of the custom Vega 56 cards is getting smaller every day, many models are already not available like the ASUS and Sapphire Nitro+ custom cards, and when they are, they are ridiculously priced. The only available cards, which I would consider, are the Sapphire Pulse and maybe the PowerColor Red Dragon. So what do you guys think?
  7. Okay, but I'm just curious. Would there be any advantages for gaming?
  8. The new upcoming GPUs from AMD are using PCIe 4.0. From what I've read, it will bring double the transfer rates than PCIe 3.0, which sounds great for SSDs and non-gaming applications, but are there any advantages for gaming when using PCIe 4.0 rather than PCIe 3.0 ?
  9. Oh right, I forgot that ? MSI already released a BIOS update for Gen3. I'm sure some of my roommates has one of the older gen Ryzen CPUs, if not I can still change the mainboard.
  10. Of course I can wait 3 weeks, I could even wait a few months. I just saw some stats on the Ryzen 3600 on GPUbenchmark and it's amazing for this prize, so I will definetely wait for Gen 3. Any experience of how long it will take for the mainboard producers releasing a bios update?
  11. That's amazing, I also saw it on GPUbenchmark!
  12. When I would buy the 2600X, I would buy it together with the Cooler. But when I would choose the 2700X I would use the Wraith Prism cooler that comes with it for a few month till I have money for the beQuiet DR pro 4. But seeing that the new Ryzen 3600 is slightly better then the 2700X and is even way cheaper, I'll definetley wait for the third gen.
  13. Hey guys, I'm planning to build a new pc with the following specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ AMD RX Vega 64 or Sapphiere Nitro+ AMD RX Vega 56 MOBO: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK AMD B450 So.AM4 Dual Channel DDR ATX Retail RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX black DDR4-3200 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit CPU-Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 SSD: 500GB Crucial MX500 2.5" (6.4cm) SATA 6Gb/s 3D-NAND TLC (CT500MX500SSD1) Case: Cooler Master MasterCase H500 Mesh PSU: 750 Watt Corsair TX-M Series TX750M Modular 80+ Gold As you can see, I'm not sure yet, if I should choose the better CPU or the better GPU, I can't choose both! I have about 100 Euros left, so that's why I can only buy one higher end item. So far, I think I will buy the better CPU, since I saw a higher fps gain in games (on youtube) with the CPUs when compared with the GPUs. I mainly use my pc for gaming, but I also use programms like photoshop quite often, but I don't care if I could save 10 seconds for exporting an image with buying a more expensive CPU. When it comes to games, I play on 1080p so it may sound overkill but it isn't - any game which is moddable, for example Skyrim, Fallout 4 or GTA 5 - I mod them to the maximum - Hundreds of 4K Textures, scriptheavy mods, massive ENBs and so on (and from experience a standard 1080p gaming setup isn't enough for that. I'm also planning to buy a 144Hz Monitor in the future,so a bit more performance is crucial).So far, my plan is to wait for a month, for the release of Ryzen Gen 3, hoping that the R5 or R7 CPU (or mabye GPU) prices will drop, that I can save some money. Are there any speculations about how much the prices will drop, when they will, does anyone has some experience with this? Buying one of the new Gen 3 CPU will be too expensive at launch am I right? And what about the new GPUs, they use GDDR6 instead of HBM2, so they should be a bit cheaper then the Vega line (that's what I heard), but still more expensive because they are the newest and a bit better, right? I don't really know what do to right now, any help is appreciated! Also, will the airflow be okay? The case has 2x 200mm fans in the front and 1x 120mm at the rear and I will use the be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 tower cooler. Is it nessecary to buy more fans as an exhaust or is it enough?