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  1. bigfootnz

    Advice about front radiator EK PE or XE

    In my case that is XE which has fpi 16 vs PE and fpi 19. Can you please explain why? Thanks
  2. bigfootnz

    Advice about front radiator EK PE or XE

    Price difference is so small and not important. And both CPU and VGA will be OC as that was idea to go with custom loop. As everyone is saying XE, than XE it will be. Thanks What about top rad, should I setup as intake or exhaust?
  3. I'm building my first loop over weekend. I've all parts but I would like advice what to use for the front radiator. For case I'm using Phanteks Eclipse P600S and on top I'll use EK PE 360. But on front I can use either EK PE 360 or EK XE360, I've both and I'll return one which I do not end up using. For front also I'll have room to do push pull with fans. In loop I'll have 9900k and RTX2070. My question is which rad I should use at the front. If XE will not preform much better than PE, should I use PE as it will take less space? Also what would you recommend for top rad, to be intake or exhaust? I'm thinking to make it intake as it will have much cooler air than as exhaust? Thanks