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  1. Hey, could anyone explain me how does youtube to mp3 converter works? How can I create my own in PHP?
  2. Hello, I would like to know is it possible to recover data that has been made 2-3 years ago after using a phone for 2-3 years and the factory reset has been done 2-3 years ago?
  3. Recently I bought a second-hand 750Ti GPU. It was all fine until fan started to make 100% noise every 3-7 seconds. It's very very annoying. Fan is not working at 36% as I changed it in MSI Afterburner. So, fan makes 100% spinning and noise for 2 seconds then it stops completely and makes that noise again and again and again.
  4. mich991

    Disk Error Error

    My friend is trying to boot Windows 7 installation files from USB. It normally shows Press any key to boot from USB, when he press a key it shows an error: Disk read error. Note: He can't boot to Windows 7 , he gets a blue screen with error code: 00000074
  5. mich991


    Yes. Thank you.
  6. mich991


    So I want to install win7 on virtualbox with my iso file. When I install win7, can I flash iso file on my usb on win7 that is on virtualbox?
  7. mich991

    Win7 setup.exe

    Hello, I would like to know can Windows 7 be installed just from setup.exe from ISO file?
  8. I am actually retarded. This gpu is compatible with my MB, it has a plastic protection where it connects with MB.
  9. I have Intel Pentium g620 and 750Ti-PH. I would like to know which motherboard will be okay for me. Nothing espensive. Thank you.
  10. I can't really decide between 144Hz 24" TN and 60Hz 27" IPS. 24" has FullHD while 27" has WQHD. I play only Dota 2 and Skyrim and a lot of web programming. Could you help me decide what should I buy? Thanks ?
  11. Well I played Dota, Skyrim, War Thunder, Call of Duty 2 and 4, Sniper Warrior 2, Counter-Strike 1.6 (only here I get 100 fps), Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2. And I would really like to play KHOLAT, which looks so damn fantastic but I get less than 10 fps. But for the last 1 year I mostly play Dota 2. I have Nvidia 210 and some Pentium Dual Core CPU. Not sure which one. Thank you for the info. ?
  12. https://www.thermaltake.com/C_00003116.htm Does anyone know how good is this PSU? ryzen5 2600x gtx 1060 6gb
  13. Well, even 101 is enough for me really. For years I've been playing with max. 30 FPS in every game. So that's fine. Thank you guys for your kind help.