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  1. Jmarcus

    No Signal

    Hello! I have just finished a pc build, and when I try to boot, my monitor reads "NO SIGNAL", but all the fans and RGB turns on. I have a ASROCK p67 Extreme4 Gen3 Motherboard, and it reads error codes D6, D7, and A2. Here's what I've tried: New HDMI Cord Different Monitor Different VGA Cable for Graphics Card Different Graphics Card Checked Ram Slots Made Sure CPU was Installed Correctly Please Help!
  2. The PC Part Picker Ryzen Option. The PC Part Picker Intel Option.
  3. Yes, but that number can flex a 100 dollars or so.
  4. Sorry, I should clarify. By high FPS I mean at least 60+ on more intensive titles, and I should not have said Ultra settings. I just meant to imply that I wanted to run high settings with 1440p resolution. Also, my budget is closer to 1200, but I said 1000 because obviously I don't want to spend more than I have to.
  5. So you think I should use a Ryzen Chip with a Geforce RTX 2070 instead of an i5 9600k with a 2060?
  6. Hello! I am currently planning a build for a PC capable of running games at ultra settings and high fps. My budget is a flexible $1000 usd. I am deciding on what CPU and Graphics card I should use. Initially I thought using an Intel i5 9600k and a rtx geforce 2060 would be good, but then I thought if I went with a Ryzen CPU, and used the money I saved from not having to use a Gen Z motherboard, to get a geforce rtx 2070, that might be better. If I used a Ryzen chip, should I get the Ryzen 7 2600x or 2600. Or should I just wait until the 3rd generation comes out and go with one of those. Please help! Thanks!
  7. Hello! I am planning on building a fast pc capable of any office type word I need to do, but also is capable of running any game at high settings with high FPS. My budget is around a $1000 usd and right now I am deciding on the final parts. I am currently deciding wether I should get an Intel i5 9600k with a EVGA geforce rtx 2060, or save money by not having to get the gen z motherboard and get a ryzen 7 2700 or 2700x with a Rtx 2070 graphics card. Which option do you think will give me a better result for what I’m trying to accomplish?