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  1. So your computer didn't freeze during the GPU test? That's interesting. Maybe you can have a longer test time to make it freeze? The user on Tom's hardware, I would say that he is so lucky, that he never have been into these kind of troubles. I've seen a lot of strange problems, and everyone will say it is not the PSU, not the cooling, etc. But every time it would end to be the last thing you would expect, not only PSU, but something like a HDMI cable or an old BIOS version. So when you're facing a problem like random freezes, which you really won't know where the problem is, check these "impossible" components, and it will be fixed.
  2. They are seperated in the earphone cable. 1 side's cable is broken or need soldering. Just get it fixed.
  3. Just uninstall the Dolby apps. They're useless.
  4. I'm using usgobuy forwarding to Japan. No problem with it.
  5. I know this might be a stupid question, but I'm just curious that if you are playing games in this situation? For me I might just watch some movies or YouTube, in this case I'll get a wireless trackpad or trackball. Since I'm a Thinkpad user, maybe I'll consider get the Thinkpad wireless keyboard with TrackPoint. For mac users, the apple trackpad is also a nice product, much better than the magicmouse. If I'm going to play games on bed, I'll just get a Xbox One controller.
  6. SaerXZ

    Audio 2.0 / 5.1

    Actually it depends. Sometimes you do have "better" sound with 5.1 tracks, even if you're using a stereo setup. If a source have two formats, let's say 2.0 and 5.1 in this case, the creators have two ways to do it. Make the 5.1 tracks first, and downmix them into 2.0 tracks. In this case, the rear channels channels are mixed into the front channels. Make the 5.1 tracks first, and make the 2.0 tracks seperately. Obviously, the first way will sound different (but is it better? depends on yourself) than the second way. But you won't know which way will be chosen by them. When your computer plays 5.1 track in a stereo setup, actually you can also choose these two ways in your player's settings. I'm not sure which way does these streaming websites' player do, but I guess the reason you feel the "better" sound is because that you're watching a content made in the 2nd way, and when you choose 5.1 tracks, your computer can only choose the 1st way instead, so now you can hear a different sound. BTW, if you use the 2 front channels from 5.1 tracks directly as stereo output, you won't hear any conversations from your content, since all the vocal are in the center channel. Also since the low frequency sounds are extracted into the .1 track (LFE Low-Frequency Effects channel, for subwoofer), so you'll lose these sounds, depends on how much bass did the creator of contents seperated from other channels. For local videos, you can install a PotPlayer in your PC, and there are a lot of options about the way it can handle these tracks. Switch these options and hear the difference might be really interesting.
  7. https://www.quora.com/How-does-MailTrack-count-how-many-times-an-email-has-been-opened I just googled "how many times the email was opened" and I got this in the first link. So it is not a client, but a plugin inserting invisible "images" into emails to track them.
  8. So, here is a summary about your problem Your computer freezes randomly. You didn't get any bluescreen errors or event viewer errors. (except the 10016 and the unexpected shutdown, which has no help at all) It happens mostly when gaming, sometimes watching youtube. You did run a full memory test without error or freezes. You run an OCCT test, got the full test report without freezes. But the GPU Usage isn't much (about 25%) in the report. The CPU Usage does keep in 100%. And you got an error in PSU test. At first we thought four components might have problem: GPU, PSU, MOBO, CPU GPU: The only thing you've been experiencing is the freeze. If it was the GPU, you should have some other problems, such as screen flicker, bluescreen (with an error related to graphic driver), etc. But you do only get freeze when GPU have heavy usage. PSU: It is not easy for a normal PC user to check if a PSU is unstable, except replacing it with another one and see what happens. But an unstable PSU can cause a lot of problems, and in my experience, do include freezes and bluescreens. Also, a lot of broken PSUs only have some outputs unstable, while others in good condition. In your case, maybe only the PCI-E 8-pin output is the problem. Another example is that my friend's RM550x failed recently, and it just causes random bluescreens when gaming, with random error codes. But he didn't think it was a hardware problem, until his PC didn't boot last week, and the GPU just can't get power from it. (the power led on GPU's 8-pin connector flashs) It was fixed with another PSU connected to the GPU. You can also try to replug all power cables, especially 8-pin GPU power and 24-pin MOBO power. Cables and connectors do make problems sometimes. MOBO: I don't think a PC can boot with a failed MOBO. Even if it do, it would be very unstable, and should cause any problem at any time, not just gaming. And I think there would be a bluescreen in that case, which you didn't get at all. CPU: You did a lot of CPU tests, which didn't cause any freezes right? Besides, the last thing that will fail in a normal system is CPU (without overclocking). And as I posted above, you can get another PSU for testing. Also you can use another 8-pin on your PSU if it is possible, and see what happens.
  9. Also, you can sell it after the test to save your money. Or just borrow one from your friends? Anyway, good luck!
  10. So you can be sure about if it is the 8-pin output from your PSU is unstable, or it is the GPU itself. From my experience, I think it should be the PSU, but I'm not sure about it. The best way to determine a problem is getting some components and replacing them one by one.
  11. Youtube do have hardware accleration. I think that it might be the voltage from PSU to your GPU is not stable, so if you have heavy work on GPU, it would freeze or bluescreen. 1. Maybe you can try to run Furmark to test it? 2. Buy a cheap second-hand PSU, and plug it ONLY for your GPU, and see what happens.
  12. If it's CPU or MOBO, it won't freeze only in games, but in other scenarios too.
  13. If it's not the 2 cases I just replied, then it might be the PSU, but the only way to check that is getting another PSU.
  14. The last time I have the simular problem on my laptop, it is the m.2 ssd drive doesn't fit well (poor contact?) on the motherboard, and I just replugged it. Also, the error in your event viewer, I've seen some website about it, and they worked on my another pc. I didn't save the link, but I have a PDF. ERROR 10016.pdf
  15. Sounds like a motherboard problem. If your AIO or PSU is dead, it won't work if you "start it up again". Even if it do, it won't be stable. But, since you didn't get any trouble with that, maybe you can update your motherboard's BIOS first, and see if that helps. Getting a debug card for your motherboard is also a good idea to me.