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  1. So I just learned denuvo isn't always online so are there any DRMS that make games always online?
  2. go VR,your system can be good for another 3-4 years
  3. dragons and charziard = draziard then evovles into drazurd
  4. I prefer ultrawide over hz,but if your a esports guy you'd probably prefer hz
  5. wait so does wikipedia sell my data?
  6. Microsoft Flight simulator should still be in the beta.All the aircraft are inoperable , There a painstaking amount of bugs and it just isnt a good flight simulator experience
  7. wait so how do they make money off google meet and classroom then
  8. Everyone is mad at EA when no one realizes that 2K also puts a minute fucking gatorade add in every GODDAMN NBA 2K GAME
  9. Can you send more screenshots of the game and maybe a screenshot of the settings?
  10. I see no ads on gmail, So how does google make dough off of it?
  11. Hello I’m planning on changing my motherboard and I heard that windows will deactivate if I don't link my license to an account. I currently have 3/4 accounts linked do I have to link the fourth one.