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  1. He has a ryzen 5 1600 on a b350 motherboard. He just bought a 1660 super. Fortnite keeps crashing and I have helped him everything I could think of. Any ideas???
  2. its a no name fan. it has a 3 pin + molex on the only wire
  3. I bought a cheap case that came with an rgb fan. The fan spins but doesn't light up. It will briefly light up on start up but then goes away. It has a 3 pin and molex cable. Should i plug both of those in or no?
  4. First time putting together a pc and this power supply cable has an additional 4 pin connector. Am I supposed to plug it in to the same part as the main cable its attached to?
  5. I know that sounds like an odd question, so let me explain. In my apartment, an average wifi ookla test will get around 20-25 Mbps download. When I download on that same network with a wired connection (50 feet of cable) I only average around maybe 4 Mbps peak. I did a test at my parents house and they have a combo modem and router from Xfinity and I easily break 10 Mbps download on Ethernet. I know there are a few variables here like service provider and machines on the network but let's assume my device is the only device on the network. What could I do to up my download speed as in utilize my bandwidth instead of using but a part of it. Thanks -nate
  6. I got the i3 8300 and Mobo for 90$. Im gonna build a pc with it and then upgrade it to an i7 9th gen next year. I'm selling the i7 4790 build. Its an upgrade over time. An upgrade path. I asked a simple question and everyone wants to give their 2 cents on something nobody asked about.
  7. [Left: i7-4790] [Right: i3-8300] I was looking at specs on my current PC vs the PC I plan to upgrade from an i3 to and i7. I found a stat that says "graphics memory maximum" and I was wondering what exactly that meant.
  8. correct. I want to expand the C drive but i cant even with F isnt allocated
  9. I migrated a 1tb 5400rpm hdd to new adata ssd 500gb. I had maybe 100gb uses on the hdd in my laptop. Anyways, when i copied the drive over, i still have like 300 plus gb not recognized by windows. I did format the drive and linked folders to it but i want to be able to have windows recognize the entire drive together rather then 2 partitions. Any suggestions? I want the F drive to be able to work in unison with the C drive
  10. I got a b360M DS3H Mobo with an i3-8300 on Facebook Marketplace. I was wondering if I could flash the bios (never done it and don't know how) to support a 9th gen i5.
  11. I recently swapped out the hdd on my laptop with an SSD and had a bit of trouble cloning. (Went from 1tb hdd to 512gb SSD. I was told that if the drives are the exact same size, it would be easier. I want to put an SSD in my PC now. I have a 500gb wd hdd. So I was wondering if an adata 512 would clone over easily or if I should just get a 500gb Samsung SSD. (no, my board does not have an m.2 slot).
  12. Just trying to free up some disk space and I noticed multiple different years of the same software. Is it safe to uninstall all up to the most recent?
  13. Recently got a super deal on an entry level pc. It came with: I7-4790 16gb ram Corsair water cooler 500w power supply 1060 3gb. I was wondering if upgrading to a 1060 6gb or even 1070? I'm just trying to get the best gpu for this system without my older CPU bottlenecking. Thanks
  14. A massive pc noob here. I was wondering what these types of connectors are used for and what could be used with them. Thanks (The one with the Media2 label above it)
  15. Noob here and wondering where I could plug in fans. Idc if they are controlled because they will be almost silent regardless. I heard you could use a sata power to 3pin connector but I wanted to ask around before I tried that. So is there any where on my board to plug an extra fan or will the above mentioned sata power connector work?
  16. I have an old hp I'm putting together as a simple internet browsing machine for my parents. I bought a new heat sink from amazon that is supposed to be quiet. However, I'm not 100% sure it will work. I'll have to swap the actually fan from the aluminum it came with to fit and this isnt the issue. The issue is that someone on a different ltt board said that I could potentially fry my board. I have absolutely no experience with this stuff so be very descriptive please. Both use the 4 pin plug but that's all I really know. Attached a pic of mobo incase there is a number you can pull an answer from. Thanks guys (and or girls).
  17. To clarify, I'm trying to boot windows on to a new ssd so I'm struggling to understand why I get no picture. I plugged in an old half gig gpu to see if I could get a picture and I still couldn't. Maybe it's my tv? Any suggestions
  18. Bought a used optiplex with an i5 3570. I bought an hdmi to displayport cable but when I plug it into my tv, I get no signal.
  19. This is what I got. Didnt change the EPP because I didnt know how.
  20. Well yeah I know I cant change the CPU. Idk about running out of ram but it gets used quick. Yes, I have and HDD and I know an ssd would help but I was wondering if it would make a difference in the random freezing.
  21. I have an Hp laptop with the specs in the picture below. Its horribly laggy and freezes when switching between tabs. My question is this. If I put an ssd an more ram (another 8gb stick), will i see any improvement? Or is it not worth my time? Also with one application running I only have about 8gb out of the 12 installed. Any tips whatsoever will help. I can't afford a new laptop at the moment. thanks
  22. I may be a tard but I am a functional tard. Its got integrated graphics Haha
  23. Waiting on gpu to come in but until I get it, I want to use my pc. Not sure what kind of plug this requires?