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  1. i get lags every once in a while, but the time in between them is not that long if you get what I'm saying. It lags, runs normally, and then lags. Before i changed my hdd this same thing happenned, and I think it could possibly be a software thing, but im not sure cuz i dont understand nothing bout it
  2. alright, I'll try testing it out
  3. i have a core i5 4th gen, 8gb of ram, and a gtx 970. Not the newest parts, but they were easily able to run anything before, and now they are choking on cs. And my cs settings are pretty default
  4. So, mr. 8,992 posts, the problem is exactly what I said in the post, my pc is lagging more than usual, and I'm afrad that the same problem from before might be coming back to this new ssd
  5. So recently I have had some problems where my pc started to lag a lot while in the game, and people told me that it was probably my hdd, three days later, my pc won't turn on because it couldn't read my hdd. People told me to try to use another storage device and boot windows on it, so i used a temporary 120gb ssd and everything seemed to work just fine. However, today I started to get some nasty lags when I was Playing CS GO, they were not as bad as the last time, but they were the same type of freezing. The game also said something about overflow or whatever (I didn't get to read it). I dont want to spend money anymore in order to try to solve an unknown problem, and I need your opinion to solve this.
  6. I was using my PC casually, and about a week ago, it started getting very slow. The fps were high at points but the sudden lags made it unplayable. After that, two days ago, my PC won't even turn on and this is what it says. PLZ HELP!
  7. HI, my computter has been running really slow recently, and doing any tasks are near impossible. when I tried to open a page on chrome my pc crashed and i had to restart, and right after that, I started discord and it crashed again. I have a gtx970 and a core i5 4000 something. I was able to constantly play games like gta and farcry with mods while exploding everythin and it could run everything at 70-80 fps easily, and now I can't even play CS:GO. PLZ HELP