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  1. Good day, Any information that may assist will highly be appreciated. I had a Windows Server 2003 installation on a device which was mistakenly upgraded to Windows 10 with the Custom Installation which overwrites all the presets, programs and data. Data Recovery software have worked well in previous situations but I have never tested for situations such as this one. My question; is there any procedure or software that may help reinstate the previous OS with the software and data that was initially available? Note that the previous setup lacked any backups or restoration configurations whatsoever. Please advise... Warm regards, Haron Mumuli.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the advice. I attempted the test on a different device but with Windows 10 Pro OS. Results: After sometime, the laptop disconnects from the hotspot provided, say after two minutes. The slight difference in the tests however lays on the laptop models. The one tested was a HP ProBook 450 G5while the other was a Lenovo ThinkPad T480. Mentioned by @GoodBytes in post has also been an experience even with the ProBook, that updates will be downloaded during sleep mode and immediately request for implementation once the Laptop is awake.
  3. Good day, An interesting theory was brought forth today at my workplace. Easy as it may sound, I do not know how to prove or debunk the theory. One of our employees recently had an incident in which his laptop was stolen from his car. He shared that from the experience, his tech friend suspected the robbers could have located his laptop by tracking it through its probe requests for Wi-Fi. The Laptop was on sleep however at the time of theft. So my question goes, is there a simple way to prove or debunk the theory to a regular Joe to put the case to rest? I am still not sure that a probe will still go on even during sleep mode in Windows 10 Pro to be more specific. Any advise will be highly appreciated. Warm regards, Haron Mumuli.