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  1. KeyboardCowboy

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    when the linguistics expert gets the meme you sent him.
  2. KeyboardCowboy

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Fool, you must be triflin!
  3. Not your exact model, but the ideas the same, use it as a sanity check.
  4. Yep, should be. Am I sure? I'm never sure of anything. I 'highly suspect' that's the correct wiring for that device.
  5. yeah... not a fan of that sticker... But the good news is *drum roll* its cake. Black is your neutral. Red is your hot. Blue is switched hot.
  6. KeyboardCowboy

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    When you know Windows is going to update
  7. KeyboardCowboy

    xbox controller

    ummm, the joysticks have a small tactile button in them. The switches have tiny plastic 'actuator?', if you hulk smashed it, the 'key-cap?' is probably deformed now (or something else). replacement part As far as your 'x' button, its just a membrane switch. I would dissemble the controller and clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol, or ethanol. Edit: This edit was sponsored by ifixit 'take it apart good' guide
  8. KeyboardCowboy

    Download Music

    Probably, and a VCR used improperly is piracy too. I'm gonna flit with the line here. How to not download music, but rather search for 'Specific content on Google' 1.) Blogspot (www.blogspot.com) is a free domain service provider. 2.) Google is a very powerful web crawler when used properly. 3.) You can use Google search 'commands' to find almost anything. info Suppose I wanted to find cake recipe on a blogspot domain, I would do this Suppose I wanted to find a rare radio manual Do you see the big picture yet? Edit: not sure if '+' is supported anymore *sad*, try 'AND' Edit: Wow, this post is not my best work *goes to find coffee*
  9. KeyboardCowboy

    Movie-Video Streamer Help

    Still struggling with a decision? Man talk about a saturated consumer market, am I right? Here's my unwarranted opinion again, I would shy away from the PI, I have (in the past), loaded up the pi with kodi and streamed, it was not a good experience, a model B if memory serves right. The PI in question was not the latest model, they have made some nice hardware improvements since then, but at the end of the day, a pi is simply a development board. It was not designed for streaming, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. what I would suggest (based on budget) is the amazon 'fire tv stick 4k'. I have no idea what kind of background knowledge you have, so bare with me, if your already familiar with the fire stick and kodi, skim over this bit. The fire stick runs a fork of android OS, is it the best operating system in the world? NO. but it works pretty well for the application. Out of the box the firestick is a full fledged 4k streaming machine, netflix? you bet. Youtube? of course. Prime video & hulu, heck yeah. Now those are all applications/apps that run within the os/android. Kodi, the beast that it is, is only an app, an app that runs on android, or windows, or linux, or a toaster oven. Kodi looks like its own thing, but its only an app. There is no kodi os, its just linux with kodi installed, or android with kodi installed, or windows with kodi installed. The firestick with the Kodi app will play vob files from network attached storage. (The windows version dose anyway) What about specs? well for 50 bucks usd, you get a 'Quad-core 1.7 GHz', 'Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks', 'bluetooth 5.0', 'HDMI output'.... actually, just look over the specs on amazon. Its really not bad for 50 bucks. Whats in the box!? "Fire TV Stick 4K, Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen), USB cable and power adapter, HDMI extender cable for Fire TV Stick 4K, 2 AAA batteries, Quick Start Guide" That's right, it even come with the batteries. I have loaded about a dozen firesticks with kodi, (not the 4k's, the old ones) and they worked pretty well. If your streaming movies on your home network, I suspect you wont have any problems. I really recommend you try it before dismissing it. So if you did get a firestick, you get a 4k streaming device that's 4"x1", can play netflix and everything else, plus! (with the kodi application) all of your nas vobs, a remote, batteries, basically everything needed for install and setup. All of that for only 50 bucks USD. For your particular use case, I feel like this is a perfect solution, and its inexpensive. Oh and kodi has a load of add-ons that are.... 'of interest' Hop on youtube, look at some reviews and demo vids. I'll stop trying to convince you of 'things' now. Best of luck, I hope you find what your looking for. Edit: Not to pollute the thread, but worst case scenario, suppose you don't like the performance. Chew me out on the thread to vent your rage, list the firestick on ebay, "firestick 4k with kodi", mark it up 10 bucks like everybody else and make a profit.
  10. Neat! you should post a screen shot of the redirect page. Could be a local DNS attack, or maybe somebody with a rogue access point trying to steal your credentials. Could be a virus on your local machine, or the site could have been compromised at the server.
  11. KeyboardCowboy

    Movie-Video Streamer Help

    Dated hack for the boxee, looks like the community support for this hardware revival has dissolved. Still worth a look see.
  12. KeyboardCowboy

    Movie-Video Streamer Help

    Just dawned on me, if your hell bent on the pi (not just the pi other hardware platforms too), kodi has a nice little remote control app for your mobile telephone. So you shouldn't need a remote? playstore link
  13. KeyboardCowboy

    Movie-Video Streamer Help

    The Beelink probably would lock up, there needs to be firmware flashed to it before linux can be installed, even then, it still might. But!!! it ships with an active copy of windows, and kodi run under windows... so.. unless you have something against bill gates, I would run kodi under windows on the beelink. Are they a bit pricey?, mmm yeah? but your getting a pretty nice steaming box that runs windows. So you wont be limited in a since. Another option, still better than the pi according to this website, is the amazon firestick. Now... you can't just like download kodi from an app store, but the apk can be side loaded, im not 100% sure if the new models allow this. Here is a tutorial, actually, I guess you can just download it... the more ya know! TUT. The price? usd a fire stick is 29.99 at time of post link, for 10 bucks more they have a 4k capable model. So that's 30 bucks a tv. Everything to get it to work (including a remote) should be in the box, minus kodi (see above rambling). weigh your options, best of luck. P.S. If you do go the firestick route, buy one and test it first, don't go balls to the wall with the pocket book, Murphy's law.
  14. KeyboardCowboy

    Movie-Video Streamer Help

    Oh No! more information. according to wireless 's'hack, the Beelink BT3Pro Mini PC is one of the best mini pc to run kodi on (under windows). Supposedly it can run linux with a bios flash from the manufacture, but that's risky business for the price. I would opt for getting a cheap thin client or a used pc then plopping openelec on it. best of luck.