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  1. the hardware is about 3 years old and i am in Greece.
  2. i have an i5-7600,gigabyte b250 hd3p,16gb 2400mhz ram,coolermaster hyper 212x.i was thinking to go for like a ryzen setup but keep my gtx1070,psu and case.should i do the change and if yes how much should i sell the setup i have?
  3. billchill

    XLR or USB?

    so for a simple man like me you think the umc22 is good?
  4. billchill

    XLR or USB?

    it seems the first one is simple and the second one has more dials i guess if thats what they are called.so its that device to usb
  5. billchill

    XLR or USB?

    so i dont really need the second one do i?or the second one only offers more tuning?
  6. billchill

    XLR or USB?

    From the title you can propably figure out i am looking for a mic.i found the audio technica AT2020 which an xlr and a usb version.the usb version in my country is about 130euros and the xlr version with a 40euro-50euro mixer is about 140euros.first of all should i go for the xlr or the usb?and if it is xlr should i get like a external sound card like the Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 or the Behringer Xenyx-502.dont know too much about sound so i would be really happy if anyone could help.
  7. best hdd for home file server use?

  8. hello again everyone.this time i need to find a case to make a file server which means i need it to have many bays for 3,5" hdd.i have everything else but the case and couple more hdd.i would prefer to get a cheap case or as cheap as it gets that is.any ideas?

  9. I see i will try that out and i will ask for help if needed
  10. is that legit?like does it have protection?
  11. is there any way to setup a free vpn cause most i have seen are paid?
  12. so i have a case that takes about 6 drives and i have ordered disks to fill them up.my sister needs some space to save her own stuff and i was thinking of giving her access to 1 of the disks or a file in the disk (cause if i get a 5tb disk she wont even use 1tb so i dont want to waste a whole disk).is there any way to give her access but remotely?she has a laptop and she is on the move in the country and would like access to the files all the time.anyone with a guide or something?