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  1. Google & Facebook: "We respect your privacy and will do our best to protect it." Google & Facebook: "StOp BeInG So EtHiCaL. hOw ArE wE SuPpOsE tO mAkE mOnEy"
  2. Cue SJW victory screech on a serious note these SJWs seem to forget that racism means "unequal treatment / discrimination against a race of people" most people think of the negative connotations when they hear the word "racism". However most people don't realize that treating a race in a superior fashion BASED on their race is still racism. Many people find it hard to understand this / find a problem with it as "how is it a problem if i'm treating them better" the problem is that your respect for the minority is not genuine. You are doing it simply because you do not want to be called a racist. This can partly be blamed on cancel culture (or as i know it, cancer culture).
  3. If America does it will only be a matter of time before other countries start following them
  4. @TofuHaroto So what would you consider to be a better android emulator (specifically for games)?
  5. Better performance and display mainly is what i look for. my budget would be around $500USD I know but it does give a point of reference
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. completely forgot about it
  7. Just keeping an eye out for possible upgrades.
  8. Well that sucks. Cameras aren't a big deal for me I hardly ever use them. Seeing as the K20 has the same processor, battery and display i think it will make a good option. Just to double check @huilun02 you are COMPLETELY sure that there isn't a custom ROM for the Reno 2? Could there be one on XDA?
  9. @huilun02Just checked the Reno 2 I'm a big fan of those Full View displays, though i never used one, i practically never use the front facing cameras so for me that's a big win. The cameras are a nice side-bonus though I rarely ever use the cameras. Overall the Reno 2 is looking like a very likely upgrade. My only question is how easy is it to flash a custom ROM on to it? i don't like ColorOS. That will be the deciding factor for me.
  10. test what does this do

  11. @Hold-Ma-Beer I would actually prefer Oneplus to Xiaomi cuz the software is much cleaner, 90hz is nice too, dash charging is useful. I'll check it out. Thanks Mate!
  12. So basically as the title says I'm looking for an android phone with 256 GB internal storage and a decent quality OLED display. I'm currently on the Samsung A50 with 6 GB RAM/ 128 GB and I might upgrade to this phone (if it's faster) or else use it as a secondary phone. Other Requirements: USB-C charging (faster is better) Good software support Same or Better perfomance than the A50 Big Battery at least 4000mah Thanks in advance you wonderful human being
  13. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a month or 2 at the very least for new stuff like that to make it to Asia
  14. I know I plan to upgrade the RAM immediately