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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 1915-07-02

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    New York
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  • CPU
    A8 5600K at 4,3 jiggahertz
  • Motherboard
    asus fm2 v-pro
  • RAM
    8 gb 1600mhz corsair vengence
  • GPU
    Asus direct cuii gtx 660 at 1200 mhz
  • Case
    nzxt 210
  • Storage
    64 gb ssd and 750 hdd
  • PSU
    corsair tx 850m I know overkill but it was 3$ more than the tx 650m
  • Display(s)
    24 in asus monitor and another 144 hz monitor
  • Cooling
    coolermaster 120 mm liquid cooler
  • Keyboard
    cm storm quickfire brown switches
  • Mouse
    steel series sensi BO2 version cheapest one i could find with soft coating
  • Sound
    astro a40 for gaming (was a console player before that and they are so comftorable) and my monoprice 108323 for music. Using a xonar dg

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  1. Awesome review love all the pics, that phanteks is really a beast but also looks so sexy.
  2. <boss2939>

    +1 for G2A!

    I got advance warfare for $22 and shadow of mordor for $15 I <3 G2A
  3. these headphones are very durable, had them for almost 1.5 years and they are still holding up pretty well and they were abused. But... Comfort is horrible mostly because they don't fit in my ear well (big ears) my friend though tried it on and said they were decently comfortable, also they look really weird on my head. But imo under $30 its worth it.
  4. do a slight overclock (no voltage tweaks) and you will be good for gaming and folding, just make sure its at a reasonable temp (below 80 degrees) and you'll be fine.
  5. the logo reminds of what verizon puts on their phones
  6. am I the only one that loves the white camo?
  7. the unlocked Pentium probably won't be on broadwell since Intel did it only because it was the Pentium's 25th anniversary
  8. chromebook are f*cking awesome they're cheap fast and some have 11 hour battery life, chromebook plus beast gaming pc are amazing combinations
  9. Maybe for copyright reasons a lot of videos and shows blur out the logo on the cars and most of the time the logo or name is on the heatsink
  10. simple and clean with great cable management the only thing I would change in the setup is the headset to the hd 558
  11. that build is near perfect but for 60 more dollars i would add a 120 gb ssd