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    Communist_Empire reacted to AndersT2 in What 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player do you guys have?   
    Far better picture and sound quality. And I can watch Lord of the Rings whenever I want, not in a small time window it's on one of the streaming services because of high licence costs.
    I have 3 players myself. The Oppo UBP-203 is the daily driver, but do seem to be on its last leg, and I'll switch that one out with a Panasonic since Oppo don't make BD players anymore.
    Had Samsuns first UHD player in the beginning, but it just didn't have way to send the picture out direct, had only modes that did different things with the picture.
    Also have the Xbox One S, bought since the Oppo of late was hard to change regions on, so it seemed like a good choice for a second player for Sone B, and with the added bonus of UHD player and playing games. But after an update they changed the controls alittle, that it just became a pain to operate with the controller (Can't ever remember which botton does what), so I added a Sony BD player for Zone B movies.
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    Communist_Empire got a reaction from Ankerson in What 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player do you guys have?   
    You say that but I have a 4K HDR TV with a Blu-Ray Player which looks jarring. Not all films and TV shows are on Netflix! 
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    Communist_Empire reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Nintendo Switch Lite - Worth It or Not?   
    As for the games, Super Mario Odyssey is much better on your TV than handheld, mainly because of the motion controls when playing docked, but also because the game world is really impressive graphically (great art style trumps moar polygons). Zelda BOTW plays great handheld but I also prefer it on the bigscreen for its wide open views, and BOTW really is a game about exploration above all else. A lot of the other heavy hitters are better handheld though. Anything 2D I almost universally prefer to play handheld, eg stuff like Monster Boy, Dead Cells, Super Mario Maker 2, Zelda Link's Awakening, Yoshi's Crafted World, etc. And still some games like Mario Tennis Aces are better handheld IMO. Personally I'd spend the extra $100 for the Switch that actually switches. Switch has a great game library though and is far and away the GOAT handheld, so it's worth the money IMO. I was skeptical as hell about the system and really only bought it for Mario Odyssey and the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei V and because I had every other system I wanted and a PC that was still pretty strong at the time, but it has turned out to be far and away my favorite Nintendo console since the SNES and my favorite handheld ever.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Arika S in Nintendo Switch Lite - Worth It or Not?   
    The joy cons charge when connected to the switch, so when out of the dock in portable mode, you don't even have to think about it. 
    Docked i've never had the batteries run out while playing, I reconnect them when ever i finish playing.
    You don't have to buy a screen protector, i did because i prefer the look and feel of glass
    About 22-23cm wide with joycons on.
    i dont see why it wouldn't, but i have the pro controller. i dont even use a wireless adapter when i used my xbox one controller with my PC.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Marksa in How do I make my Windows Search-bar only search Windows and not the Web?   
    This was an option which could be toggled in previous versions of Windows via group policy editor or a regedit, however Microsoft has removed this option now. You can try changing the reg keys but this will no longer take any effect. (this is as of Windows 10.0.19041)
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    Communist_Empire reacted to homeap5 in How do I make my Windows Search-bar only search Windows and not the Web?   
    You may use OO ShutUp 10 tool, it has that option. It's basically the same as registry settings, but you don't must know which one to set - everything is simple.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Chris Pratt in Nintendo Switch Lite - Worth It or Not?   
    The best part is the portability. I've used the heck out of my Switch, especially when traveling, but now with COVID-19, I'm working from home and not traveling any more, and I haven't touched the Switch in months. In short, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it in virtually any situation other than the current world we live in.
    As far as Lite or not goes, playing a Switch on a TV is not a great experience anyways. It looks like hot garbage on my 4K TV, so I don't even bother. If they had had the Lite when I bought mine, I would have gotten the Lite.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Kc7vwc in Motorola Strikes Back   
    I have the G Power (North American variant). Good all-around device. I wouldn't have minded a slightly snappier chipset, or 6GB of RAM, but for the price I can't complain with it's performance. I don't game on it; just the geek in my likes bigger, better faster.  Easily lasts 2-3 days of basic usage. I've gone from sunup-to-sundown watching YT videos & still had charge left over. 
    In broad daylight outside, the screen could be a bit brighter, but it's still visible. 
    One quirk I did notice recently: I have a glass screen protector on the front. The rare time I used the front-facing camera, it flashes the entire screen white to act as a flash. With the screen protector on, it refracts the light back towards the camera & creates a halo effect around the outside of the picture. So be mindful if you also use a protector & take selfies. 
    So far I seem to be about a month behind in security updates. Sitting on July 1 update which came through in the last week or so.  
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Jumballi in Xbox One Controller Grip - Worth it or not?   
    it's 17 ukmonies, it's cheap enough that you can do whatever you want without input from others.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to flashiling in Xbox One Controller Grip - Worth it or not?   
    if you get sweaty hands, i can imagine it might be better.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Spotty in Xbox Game Pass for PC - Worth it or not?   
    > Moved to PC Gaming

    If there's games on there that you want to play that you don't already own then it can be worth it. They often have $1/month deals for new signups or just as special offers so keep an eye out for those if you want to give it a try.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Sahl in Xbox Game Pass for PC - Worth it or not?   
    Depends on what you want from your games.
    Do you just want to play some of the new or older AAA games? some of the 10-40 hours once in a life time playthrough ? then maybe. Basically you "rent" the game for the duration and after that you can´t access save games etc and in most cases you can´t move them either (ie to steam)
    I tried it once, for that 1 euro trial. I guess it was alright for playing some of the games I was not too interested in, but still on the fence about. I have not had it since due to the offered games and how I normaly play my games (often they are games that last a long time and with much replayability)
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Sprawlie in Why do they still make MP3 players??   
    Don't know, but many of these stand-alone players, especially if they're offline likely don't support Spotify playlists, or files if not in mp3.
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    Communist_Empire reacted to Kanna in Just Cause 2 (PC) - Best Key Bindings?   
    This is all about preferences my opinion is games that isn’t csgo minecraft roblox and some more aka ones with driving or adventure is controller in my opinion
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    Communist_Empire reacted to zeusthemoose in WD My Passport can you boot Windows from it?   
    I believe it is like any other usb drive which you can make bootable it’s just not like that by default.
    If you need to recover data from the backup, I believe you install Windows normally and then transfer the data after.
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    Communist_Empire got a reaction from Paul Rudd in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) Optimization.   
    The new graphic settings alone got me 200 fps. :)