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  1. The MacBook pro is better than these other laptops for video editing in PP. At least it is according to this video. (Just ignore the fact that the MB in this vid has X2 the ram than the other machines, nbd.)
  2. Well I'll be damned, all my years on the tonymac forums I've never heard of AMD chips working in OSX. What patch are you using (assuming OG poster would need to know)?
  3. Your CPU and GPU make the traditional Hackintosh route untenable, as both are incompatible with OSX. There are no workarounds I'm aware of for AMD chips and RTX cards. However, if you want to open a giant can of worms you could try the virtual machine method. But worth noting that this method is quite challenging, and will require a significant time investment. Linus and Anthony have a video on this here: Good luck.
  4. Review the new version of the ThinkPad X1 Extreme and do head-to-heads. It looks like it could be a compelling MB pro killer, but don't want to risk my own $ on it without an LTT review.