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  1. Still nothing after a rebuild. Maybe my cpu is dead? No beeps even without the ram so im stumped. Im just gonna use the xeon as a paper weight.
  2. Does not boot throigh iLO (tried that already) and have also tried without the ram to bo success. Tempted just to pull out the xeon and have it as a paper weight and throw the rest out to buy a new server
  3. will have another look after work tomorrow. Too late to be rebuilding the pc tonight so will post pics once its back together
  4. I can confirm that it is not my PSU. I found another similar watage PSU and tried to fire it up with the same results
  5. Starting to think its my PSU but I only have one other PSU and its currently in my main system and I dont want to pull that apart. I might have another one at a mates place (I often offload excess parts to them and use their house as storage) but Im doubtful it will work in this system
  6. Ok will look at iLO when i get home and will try booting it with the side on aswell *EDIT* Still no power with side on and this is everything on logs and diagnostics
  7. Ok will look at iLO when i get home and will try booting it with the side on aswell
  8. D1EA0288-6310-4BF9-BDDC-5BC0E935AC4A.MOV
  9. I have now logged into my iLO but nothing is showing as my server wont turn on at all.
  10. Im not sure what it was configured for and i tried iLO but i dont know the ip. Ill try to google iLO after work
  11. @leadeatersorry. the server does not boot and I havent been able to install an OS since i got it so I cant use iLO. I propably should have put that in my original post
  12. I picked a HP Proliant ML330 G6 for free (no ram or HDDs) awhile ago. I have recently acquired ram and hdds to put in it but its now displaying the red internal PC health led but all internal LEDs say that there is nothing wrong with it. Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be? It used to work but wouldnt let me install an OS so i out it away for a project at another time but bringing it out this time and now it wont post.