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    I7-8700 @ 3.20GHZ
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    ROG Strix B360-H
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    16GB DDR4
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    GTX 1080 SC
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    Fractal Design
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    250GB SSD + 2TB HDD
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    1000 watt
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    1x HP 24es + 1x Benq GL2580HM
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    Water cooling
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Corsair scimitar
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    No sound card
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hello All, i need to enable virtualization on my stealth to get use the ability of WSL2 (windows Subsystem Linux), i cant see anything in the bios and i have searched the Web for answers. has anyone got a Razer blade Stealth and know what i need to enable in windows or where to find the virtualization option in the bios. Any help would be massively appreciated, regards, Jacrispy45
  2. Right i am having a debate with a few friends and at the moment is 50/50 for both. can you the community give your favorite and the reasons why? Mine is Factorio because of the simplicity of the graphic and the semi indie game feel. Factorio: https://www.factorio.com/ Satisfactory: https://www.satisfactorygame.com/
  3. Source: Scan ( https://www.scan.co.uk/products/corsair-scimitar-pro-rgb-optical-mmo-gaming-mouse-4-zone-rgb-16000dpi-wired-usb-17-buttons-1000hz-ye ) Price: £29.99 Delivery: DPD 2 Day delivery Use of the mouse: I had one of these mouses before When they came out, i mainly used it for World of Warcraft and having all the macros for text, key binds an other uses of the mouse, now that i don't play World of Warcraft much its mainly indie games i decided to switch but my cheap mouse i bought dies and i decided to get this again because i used it before. This mouse is also good because it allows for us of keyboard combinations like CTRL+ALT+DEL and other like that i use about 4 of the buttons for that, my most used one is ALT+TAB. this is because i don't have to move my other hand on the keyboard and i can just click a button. Build: The build of the mouse is really comfy, i have about 40 hours of game time with the current purchase of the mouse i made, it has a good grips, surface area for big and small hands.the left and right mouse click button have a good travel distance so people with small hand can click in the middle and the back of the button area and still register clicks without force. i did some testing in distance and you can virtually use light click at the rear of both of the mouse click buttons. The cable is braided and secure at both end towards the mouse and the USB enclosure, this is to protect the cable and for bending and outside objects that damage the cable like a knife of other sharp object that might try and penetrate the cable enclosure. Refurbish Quality: Refurbished items can be a gamble when on places like Ebay and Laptops direct but on scan the refurbishment is done in house and the item is tested to the end of the earth to make sure that the item can be reliable upon for its customer. The price was really good only £29.99 for a mouse that would usually cost £80. Because i needed a mouse quick i didn't care for all the extra accessories that you can buy on the internet so they send the mouse in bubble wrap and good box that is sturdy and survived me throwing it against the wall. The mouse was nicely wrapped up and the cable neatly with a Velcro strap to make sure that extra cable want sprawled all over the place Jacrispy
  4. Hello Goojuice, I had the same problem about 4 weeks ago, the way i fixed it was i changed the java runtime application to the one that is installed from when you installed java (that means changing some of the setting in the minecraft launcher) not the one that Minecraft provided, there are a lot of tutorials on Youtube for this, i stated happening when i played the diversity 3 adventure map, i don't know the cause but that seemed to fix my problems. Hope you get it fixed, Jacrispy
  5. Model Chosen: Graphics Model MX150 4GB 25W without 4K screen and Touch screen Price: £1200 (bought for business use so claimed back the VAT) Bought from: Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Razer-Blade-Stealth-Ultrabook-Quad-Core/dp/B07KSPY9W7) Screen The screen is amazing, i did a few tests with movies and doing my usual work load like Autocad and Photo editing and i must say that the letter son the screen is sharp, crisp and clear. the screen resolution is 1920x1080 because i didn't go for the 4K model only because it is not worth it for the price of £1799. in Autocad i can see all the lie zoomed in and the grid line for Layout drawings. i chose this for Autocad because it small and portable and it good looking laptop for meeting for showing off raw drawings. The photo editing is great, creating logos and editing banners for customers is amazing and i can see all the little details with the screen. Performance The performance of this laptop is amazing, the combination of the I7 Chip and the 16GB ram in my model is amazing. As i said in the above section i will be using this for Cad work and photo editing. The performance in Autocad LT 2020 is amazing, the zooming is responsive and fast, the drawing of lines and circles is snappy and good looking. the combination of the m.2 SSD and the Ram, the loading time of big drawings makes this laptops stand out. The Photo editing is amazing, loading of Photoshop is Fast but sometimes loading of a big Photoshop file can take a few seconds. Keybaord The keyboards is very spacious and very responsive, the lack of a numpad is a learning curve for using a desktop keyboard but once you get past that the keyboard is amazing, i am writing this review on the keyboard, the key travel is good, the clicking of the keys is enjoyable and the the reduced shift key is nice to match the rest of the stealth. the function keys are reasonably sized and have multiple functions like reducing sound and screen brightness and also the turning down the brightness of the lighting behind the key caps. Talking of the key caps the software to control the RGB backlight is a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of changing the keys, it becomes a breeze. IO The IO is great, 2x USB 3, 2x Thunderbolt port that can be use for charging and 1 multi-use headphone and microphone jack. thunderbolt jacks are really good, the ability to swap which port is used for charging is great, if i am sat in bed i can use one side or in the office i can use the other side because the wall socket is on other side is great. The USB ports are high speed and good looking, the green in the port go well with the color i have on my keyboard and the use of a dongle i found in the office is great because i personally love a good dongle. my only Fuss with this would be to have a high speed Ethernet port for connecting to wired network in my office. Gaming Gaming on this is ok, i didn't buy it for gaming i bought it for the portability and speed because i have fast and powerful Rig at home, but when i am on the train or on lunch break i might want to play some light games like Factorio or Minecraft. In Factorio on Max setting is get 60FPS and no stuttering the same with Minecraft as well the game looks great on fancy setting and upping lowering the render distance. i tried games like overwatch and Starcraft and Overwatch is playable at medium settings and getting around 50-60fps because he machine becomes really loud and hot the same with starcraft. Razer says this is a gaming laptop but its more towards productivity. Overall opinion: My overall opinion for this is great for working and watching Youtube and movies and also light gaming. For hard gaming its a no go.
  6. Hello, So i was searching for a laptop for the around about the same purpose and i finally i went for a Razer blade stealth 2019. honestly the best laptop i have ever owned, the dongle i bought for HDMI and more USB 3 goes great and charges really fast and i do a lot on this laptop and i get 3-4 hours medium workload on this. the price was reasonable and i went for the model with the MX 150 4gb because i would need that extra graphics for light gaming on the train or waiting. do not go for the max model. not worth the touch screen. I looked at other like the Lenovo x1 carbon, that is a great laptop, good looking with great performance but the price was a bit Naff for my liking. Any other question just quote me, Jacrispy