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  1. Hello, This is the only game i play so if the PC would be optimized for this game i would be thankful. I was thinking of using G3258 as CPU so i have the possibility to upgrade to an i5 in the future, but AMD is just fine! I will only use this machine for CS:GO so i dont want to spend too much money. Im not sure if the G3258 would run CS:GO, i dont mind overclocking. I was thinking about getting only SSD and no HDD, i dont need mouse, keyboard, screen or OS. I want a silent machine, size is not as important, but smaller is better. 0xc0000005 I havent decided a budget, but as cheap as possible! thanks iosman
  2. sunny lord

    productivity build

    Hello, I am build a PC for productivity work such as programming, 3d rendering, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Edge Code, Adobe Premiere Pro, and some gaming. However, I am still thinking about what GPU I should use. Any suggestions will be helpful. My previous build use a Quadro and I like something more powerful. My budget is $4000. thanks iosman
  3. Hello, Pcpartpicker would not let me do bbcode markup with me being on mobile without refreshing which then makes it have to disappear...so hopefully that link works sorry. thanks iosman 0xc0000005
  4. Hi, I was playing around a bit today with a setup I would really like to build but as I have no budget rn this is mostly just a game of thoughts. I just wanted to know what y'all think about a setup like this. 0xc0000005 This is just the rough parts layout and a case surrounding all of that would be around 42cm long which is longer than I'd like but there is no nice way to place the psu otherwise. The graphics card would be a Zotac mini 1080 ti arctic storm. thanks iosman
  5. Hi guys, Just ordered the dk2 rift to be delivered in August , I have aprox £600 to spend on a pc build. I do not need a hard drive or monitor keyboard etc. the specs I need are minimum frame rates of 75 with at least high settings for graphics. (The consumer rift will need 90fps). I do not mind AMD or Intel whatever is the best for my budget. If you could rate this build or beat it that would be great . thanks iosman
  6. Does anyone here have the case wall mounted that can give me some information or does anyone have any ideas about temps when it is wall mounted? I suspect that the temps are higher than normal but i cant find any information about how much. any help would be appreciated. Ill be using a H150I pro for cooling and a 8700k . . .
  7. Hi! I'd like to know which of these two heat sinks are the best performing. Also if you do have any of these heat sinks, please share what you think about it. Cooler Master TPC 812 vs NZXT Havik 140
  8. I have always had an idea that linus came very close to with his home computer scheme. Basically take the peripherals and jam them into a laptop form factor and have the data for the peripherals go over wifi. Basically all the benefits of mobility within the house and the high power of the desktop with long battery life and low heat, as you only really need enough power to accept and transmit the peripherals data. I know there are wifi hdmi adapters, wifi mice and keyboards and more. This would make it so Yvonne and Linus can be anywhere in their house and use the computers in the server room, opening the extra room, as long as the server room can't be accessed by small humans easily with the advent of a lock. Just an idea that I have had that I think Linus could pull off .