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  1. It's very likely that your PCI-E Riser is faulty. Or it has a problem with the connection.
  2. Xquisite

    OriginPC Reliability

    Consider this Video. Build vs Buy - Node Feat. Origin PC
  3. Xquisite

    booting slower over time

    Well, on the SSD, did you enable TRIM?
  4. Xquisite

    [US] Microcenter Haswell-E CPUs

    Dem prices. :'( Microcenter
  5. Xquisite

    Best antivirus?

    You should have started a vote, now you will not get a solid answer. PS. I use Windows Defender with MalwareBytes, oh yes and Common Sense v.8
  6. Xquisite

    If you had to choose

    I'd go for the first one if I were you, because the chair just wraps around you and feels much more comfortable.
  7. Xquisite

    What is your favorite game from ps2 era

    GTA III and the DBZ games
  8. Xquisite

    Is my motherboard holding me back?

    PCI-E 2.0 is fine. If it really would have made a difference then it will be very small and or even negligible. Seriously. Don't worry about it. More Proof: Clicky
  9. Xquisite

    LTT Jokes Thread

    You know what? Download more ram! Get 10TBs of it, because you can!
  10. Xquisite

    Biggest file copy you've done

    Hmm, only 70GB. The backup I had to do of my most important things to my external drive. NOT Fun. Took a long time and stopped responding half way.
  11. Xquisite

    Nexus 4 folder no longer shows up on PC

    When did it start to occur? TBH, I don't know why you're getting that.. I've got no probs on my Nexus 5. Well, can you try and do a system restore and try again?
  12. Xquisite

    Nexus 4 folder no longer shows up on PC

    Did you plug it in? Did windows detect it plugged in? If it did, then it should. If not for whatever reason, open Start menu and type Device Manager. I'm not entirely sure but try to find it in there..
  13. Xquisite

    Nexus 4 folder no longer shows up on PC

    Plug in your Nexus 4 and try going to "Devices and Printers". Right click on it and select Properties. Switch to the Hardware tab and click on Properties again. Uninstall your driver there. Then re-plug your device and Windows should detect it and will install the appropriate drivers for it.
  14. Xquisite

    EVGA Nvidia Gefroce GTX 750 Ti FTW Question

    I think the 750 Ti from MSI does not have any power connector. You can try that if you really need to go that route.
  15. Xquisite

    messed up male to female ratio in this forum

    Yup, that's quite typical of him. He just needs to find some girls and stalk them a bit.. Personally I'd wish a Mod should take down this thread.. I can see where this is going
  16. Xquisite

    Linus' Upload Schedule...

    Same here... And the WAN show airs at 4 in the morning.. Can't watch it live
  17. Xquisite

    Experiences with non-techies

    That's exactly what I have! Literally! No, that applies here too.. +1 for effort.
  18. Xquisite

    So I Need A Decent Car

    A Honda civic?
  19. Xquisite

    Battlie field (next one)

    They did fix it. And in fact @Raining_Pixel is right. Maybe it's a problem at your end? They fixed almost everything, and more stability/improvement patches are incoming. And they are actually starting to listen to players. I advise you to try CTE for once and then give your thoughts about that. EDIT: You don't have to play Operation Locker you know.. BF3 had it's fair share of bad maps too you know.
  20. Xquisite

    Keyboard only for certain windows versions?

    Should have no problems.. Well, if it says Windows 7, then it's likely it'll work for Windows 8 too. I've experimented some products which leave out Windows 8 support but still actually work.
  21. Xquisite

    "Brown out" (Electricity deficit in Belgium)

    That's cute bro. And consider yourself lucky. Where I'm at, power outages are very regular. And it's called "load shedding" from the grid. In a day, only 60% of the time we have power. And like just yesterday, our territory's Transformer took a shit. And we were left without power for 8 hours and I only slept for 3 hours in total that night. It's so bad that we've got two dedicated ups for our house, both are about 1500 watts.. But not everybody has 'em, and I'm one of the lucky few.
  22. Xquisite

    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Well.. That's okay. Aside from that check out Carey Holzman on YouTube. He's one of the very best when it comes to explaining things and his videos are very informative. No offense to LTT tho..