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Everything posted by Xquisite

  1. You didn't read his question dude..
  2. 1: Not likely. But there's always a chance. 2: Yes, you can throw it across the room and it won't die. But be sure not to get any liquid onto it, of any kind. 3: Not sure what you mean by that. 4: Nope, not at this time, or that I'm aware of.
  3. Just get a 8320 and call it a day. It'll be better to have two PCs instead of one.
  4. Xquisite

    Good idle tempts?

    That's cute mate. Where I live, it usually averages at 46°C in the summer, my GPU reaches 101°C and turns itself off. Btw, going to upgrade to a 750Ti soon, to combat the situation...
  5. Xquisite

    NEW GPU upgrade (GTX 780 ti VS GTX 980)

    Everything is fine. Yeah just upgrade your RAM. It's fairly standard, but try to get the same RAM that you already have in your PC, don't worry if you can't, it won't blow up. And to answer your original question, if I were you, I'd rather a 980 over a 780Ti any day. Performance is close enough and price is a huge plus.
  6. Xquisite

    Who has the worst current pc specs?

    Alienware X51.. 'Nuff said.
  7. Xquisite

    Good idle tempts?

    Well, for starters AMD does say that if that card reaches 95°C while gaming, that's perfectly 'normal'.
  8. Xquisite

    What's your Smarthpone ?

    Mine's a Black Nexus 5 16GB
  9. Xquisite

    Asus GTX 970 dead fans

    They always do, you're just one of the ever so scarce unlucky few.
  10. Xquisite

    I have three questions

    Dang it, for me it is 1280x1024 60 FPS Low
  11. Xquisite

    Battlefield Hardline - Laughably bad

    It's decent, not bad. I just need a good shooter.. BF comes to mind as I've played enough COD. And it'll improve overtime but much more rapidly(supposedly) as the devs behind this are said to be better.
  12. Xquisite

    What is your main OS

    PC: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Phone: Android 4.4.4 (K)
  13. Xquisite

    Free Music from Google Play

    Dand it, not available here.. It's about time they expand to other countries.
  14. Xquisite

    Where were you on September 11, 2001?

    I was like only 3.. Don't remember
  15. First of all, congratulations on this achievement, you've come a long way! And yeah, the way I found you was one day I was looking for a review on the 690 from EVGA. Aww, I still remember those old unboxing days. :3
  16. Xquisite

    opinion on ipads in schools?

    Can't agree more with this.
  17. That's because of video compression.
  18. Xquisite

    [US] Pentium G3258 - $47

  19. Xquisite

    sufficiant OC cooling

  20. It's the Nvidia GT 440. :3
  21. Xquisite

    What do YOU define as a "Macfag"

    Macfag, to me is a 11 year old who brags about his Mac being from Apple and all. That it looks better, is more durable and it can even last for the next 6 years. Dammit. Oh and yeah, it runs BF4 at 200 FPS. EDIT-Fixed typos
  22. Xquisite

    Intel vs AMD

    +1 This answer should suffice. And thread should get locked before a flamewar. Nothing to see here guys and gals. Just a Mod showing his awesomeness.
  23. Xquisite

    Thermal Paste: Line vs Pea method?

    I just got Ninja'd.. Yeah, I do the same too
  24. Xquisite

    Worst game you have played?

    TBH, for me it's Candy Crush. I'm sure most people here will agree with me on this.
  25. Xquisite

    booting slower over time

    @CATSLUVER420 Try using msconfig.exe(from Start Menu) and turn off all those pesky un-used programs which start automatically at startup.